5 Jewelry Sales Tips for Retail Success

Learn the techniques that will find your business earning well each and every month.

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Running a business certainly poses multiple challenges, the primary of which is how to stay afloat by maintaining incoming sales. Sales, after all, are the lifeblood of every shop in operation. Because they are an integral part of entrepreneurship, it helps to think this challenge is just part of growing your business.

Whether you’re a small shop looking to continue your good momentum or a big brand that has hit a slump, it’s best to take a look at the tips below to see the areas you can work on or continue to follow.

1. Create jewelry displays that capture the buyers.

As the old saying goes, “First impressions last,” so make sure you’re making a fine and lasting one upon your customers. You can do that with impressive jewelry display setups.

It starts from outside your store. Make sure you have a top-notch window display to capture those passing by to stop and come inside your store. The choice of the right theme and product placements, plus the tools you will be using to display your merchandise are crucial at this point so take the time to plan your concept ahead of time. Once potential buyers are inside, your in-store showcase must be equally impressive. 

Your displays should not only be attractive but should also highlight what’s beautiful in each piece. To make this possible, the right props (lighting, decorations) and devices (earring display stands, necklace display easels) should be used.

2. Let your store’s image work for you.

Long-time entrepreneurs already know this but it bears repeating: in retail, you’re not just selling products and services but you’re also selling a lifestyle. This is even more apparent when you’re involved in the jewelry business. Naturally, you’re bound to attract a certain segment of the market based on the lifestyle you are promoting. If you want to boost your brand’s status with this segment, then you should do what you can to promote to them. Your campaigns must reflect their aesthetics and desires; even your store’s interiors should exude the same vibes. Once you’ve captured their attention then you’ll definitely see huge gains in your sales.

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3. Assure your customers of a safe shopping experience.

Having a shop that reflects the lifestyle of your target audience is only the beginning. Because we are still in the midst of the COVD-19 pandemic, there is still some resistance from the buying public to shop in person. You can encourage them to come to visit your store by having health measures in place for their safety. At this point in time—and likely moving forward post-pandemic—assuring the public of a safe experience while they are shopping is a great way to drive traffic to your store.

Providing a great in-store experience is important to achieving success for your business. Beyond having a great ambiance, you must make sure that shoppers won’t feel they are compromising their health and safety if they find themselves browsing around your jewelry shop. You can do this by being thorough in disinfecting your retail space before and after business hours. Make sure your merchandise, shelves, and jewelry displays are clean and in order. Once your store is open, be ready to provide hygiene stations where people can sanitize their hands before and after shopping. 

Likewise, be vigilant about implementing health protocols such as requiring face masks before entering the store and the practice of social distancing measures. Investing in appliances that provide air purification and ventilation will also help. Finally, having a fully-vaccinated store staff lets people know your business values their health and well-being. 

4. Have exceptional people take on customer-facing roles in your shop.

Every retail enterprise will have several people on staff. While good service is expected from all, be especially mindful of those who are in customer-facing roles. This comprises the store greeters (security guards, receptionists), sales staff (those who work behind the counter, as well as those who provide guidance to the shoppers while they are browsing around the store), and the cashiers working behind the registers. No matter how small or large your manpower is, make sure they have the skills to provide the best service to your customers.

It begins with having a pleasing personality which starts the sales process on the right foot. Next, having the technical know-how about jewelry and styling is important so they can provide the best recommendations to shoppers. A good ear and a sense of empathy should also be part of the sales staff’s arsenal as jewelry purchases often come about as part of celebrating life milestones (engagements, weddings, graduations), and buying these special items are often emotional for the shoppers. Lastly, a calm and level-headed approach also helps so they can deftly handle the more difficult customers.  

Providing great customer service definitely helps boost sales so make sure to entrust your shop’s day-to-day operations to capable people.

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5. Set reasonable sales targets.

After all, is said and done, it’s important to have a set goal to get all these things accomplished. It sets the tone for everything and is a great motivator for everyone involved. However, setting a sales target only works when it is reasonable. It’s always fine to aim high to keep things challenging but never too high that people end up getting demotivated.

A good rule of thumb is that sales targets must be achievable 70% of the time. You can then move the goalposts after a period of good sales performance. It’s also important to take into account market conditions, product supply and production, even developments to the coronavirus crisis when setting up sales targets to make sure they are fair.

These techniques will hopefully help your jewelry business reach a new achievement in sales. Results won’t be seen overnight but once you set yourself on a steady course then you will surely reap its rewards soon enough.  Good luck!


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