7 Marketing Ideas To Increase Your Jewelry Shop Sales

It’s the perfect time to liven up your jewelry store’s marketing efforts.

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The business of jewelry requires multiple strengths and skills. Having a keen eye for design definitely helps, especially for creators and those who work in jewelry display and styling. Likewise, knowing the art of persuasion is definitely an asset especially during promotions and selling. And then there are aspects of the business where you can apply both, like in marketing.

If your shop is in the planning stages of its 2022 marketing calendar then we have a few great ideas here to start you off on the right path. From there, you can flex those creative muscles and show off some persuasive know-how to come up with campaigns that the public would notice and help your business make huge gains this year.

Growing your presence online:

1. Start a business website.

If you still haven’t taken part in building your presence online then now is the perfect time to do so. As nations all over implemented stay-at-home orders during the COVID-19 health crisis, the buying public went digital to buy both necessities and luxury items, and with it came the boom of e-commerce. And while brick-and-mortar jewelry shops continue to operate and be visited by customers, an online platform can still greatly help boost the sales performance of both new and well-established stores.

You can start by exploring website builders such as Wix and GoDaddy which come with versatile templates that come with various features and designs to ensure you have a functional online store.

2. Perform search engine optimization to boost your site’s ranking.

The next step to take after building a website is to ensure it is discoverable to people online. That’s where the process called “search engine optimization” comes in. It involves taking into account ranking factors implemented by search engines to organize and rank the websites on their listings. The goal is to push your website to the first page of results so that they are easily found and clicked on by users. This is are all done organically, meaning without the assistance of ad placement which involves paying for a spot on a webpage.

Search engine optimization or SEO involves a two-pronged approach: on-page and off-page SEO. On-page SEO processes involve work that has something to do with the tweaking and updating of on-page elements to improve rankings. This includes writing valuable content relevant to your business or niche, site mapping, the use of tags in titles and images, among others. Off-page SEO, meanwhile, is any activity done outside of the website to boost its rankings. This includes link building and social media promotions.

3. Boost efforts to promote on social media.

For smaller shops or those who are just starting out, selling on social media is a great alternative to fully opening up an e-commerce site. Choose platforms that are highly visual such as Facebook or Instagram as product photography is crucial to promoting your business. To stand out from all the other shops on social media, it’s important to invest in top-notch photography, as well as aesthetically-pleasing setups that include the jewelry merchandise, their jewelry display tools, and props.

Besides selling, being on social media is a great way to engage with your buyers, so make it a point to provide content that is interesting and most of all valuable (jewelry care tips, styling guides) to your customers. This will help build your brand with your target audience—and with the shareable nature of these sites—to the public at large.

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4. Tap video hosting sites to spread the word about your shop online.

Technically still a part of social media, video hosting sites such as YouTube and TikTok also have a community built around them that makes them great platforms for promoting your merchandise and brand. This time posts go beyond the usual static images you see on most social media apps. Though Facebook and Instagram can also host videos, purely video hosting sites can run longer clips, affording businesses and marketers with more robust content and a more engaged audience.

Again, entertaining and valuable content is the key to success here so make sure to come up with something useful to your target audiences such as product guides and styling tips.

Making your mark through offline branding initiatives:

5. Establish your identity with a consistent look, color, and language.

Whether you’re a newbie thinking of an identifier for your business or a long-time player who is due for an image refresh, it’s important to have consistency with any of your branding and marketing efforts. This means your promotional materials and the elements surrounding them (logo, imagery, colors, tone, language) should remind consistent all throughout. 

It starts with making the decision on the image you want to project to the public. Your preferred image could then help shape what your brand’s logo, dominant colors, tone, and voice would be. 

In jewelry retail, you can choose to go for a classic and sophisticated appeal, a more contemporary edgy vibe, or something else different altogether. What is important is that the chosen concept should be applied in all of the shop’s packaging or marketing collaterals, such as signages, posters, gift bags, etc. for consistency. Additionally, to further boost this image, the way your shop is designed, even your choice of jewelry display props and retail setup should reflect the persona you’ve selected. This helps to establish brand recognition for your business.

6. Regularly conduct special sale events or offer discounts.

Everyone loves a good bargain, and yes, that includes jewelry shoppers. If you want to increase sales or boost the demand for a certain product, you can run monthly special events such as discount days which can be conducted online and offline. Another way you can offer lowered rates is through voucher codes which people can use to get discounts.

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7. Make it a point to always offer premium customer service.

Want to have return visits to your shop? Always keep in mind the welfare of your customers when they are shopping so they would continually support your business.

Whether in-person or online, the shopper’s experience should be pleasant. This entails having a friendly and knowledgeable staff always ready to answer questions from the customers. This also means ensuring that the browsing, trying out, and paying steps in the shopping process come off smoothly without any mishaps or problems.

While results won’t be seen overnight, consistently applying these omnichannel approaches can result in huge returns for your jewelry shop. Good luck!


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