Shifting to Online Jewelry Selling: How to Keep Your Customers

Make a smooth transition to the digital marketplace.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be a game-changer to industries all over the world. It required many to shift gears and overhaul their lives and this includes entrepreneurs. While a few remained in operations and managed to keep their brick-and-mortar shops, many have also shut down or completely moved their operations online. If you are part of the second group then this article is for you.

The process may seem daunting for the first-timers in the e-commerce sphere, so that’s why we’ve put together this guide to ease you into this new venture. From setting up your platform to finding new ways to market your merchandise through your product and jewelry display posts, this article would show you the right steps to take to become a successful online jewelry entrepreneur.

Study your options online

Whatever your reason for shifting your business to digital, one thing is certain is that there are plenty of platforms and methods you can explore before your launch.  You can begin by studying what you can about starting an online business—you’re already reading this article so you’re off to a good start!

First of all, find out the different selling platforms you can move into. You can sell right from your social media accounts (if you already have them) such as Facebook and Instagram. Another option to explore is joining an online marketplace such as Amazon or Etsy to become a seller. Lastly, you can choose to run your business on your own website and domain. Check out how the different sellers in these platforms market their merchandise and the tricks they apply to their jewelry display strategies to see which works best with your products.

The next thing you should consider looking into is your target and existing customers' online shopping habits. Key things you should look at are their preferred payment and shipping and pick-up options. You can also try to find out how they would like to be informed about promos and product highlights as you would definitely need to boost your promotional efforts for your transition.

Communicate your move to your stakeholders

Staying connected to your customers as well as suppliers and partners is crucial at this point of your transition. Shifting from operating a physical store to an online one is indeed a big move so all those who will be affected should be properly informed. 

This is especially important to those folks you will be saying goodbye to as going online will be a scaling back of your operations. Reach out to those folks who will be affected by the change and don’t forget to thank them for their service. As tough as this may be, it’s best to have a clear closure for all those involved.

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Hold a closeout sale as a way to announce your shift and get rid of excess inventory

You can certainly hit two birds with one stone with a closeout sale. For one, an offline event such as this will certainly capture the attention of your surrounding community to your impending move. You can then take this as an opportunity to let them know of your new online store. For easier recall, you may hand out business cards or flyers with updated info about your store.

It’s also a great opportunity to get rid of old stocks if you plan to sell an all-new line for your online shop. Lastly, you can use the event as an opportunity to thank your loyal customers for their years of support and give them the assurance that you will still continue your business, just on a different platform and virtual space.

Set up customer support channels

Understand though that you would still be facing many questions from both old and new customers once you shift to online selling, that’s why it’s important for your customer service channels to be all set and ready once your launch your digital business.

Ahead of time, you need to decide which communication channels you will be using for your customer service. Depending on the selling platform you choose, you may enjoy the benefits of a chat service, contact page, or an auto-chatbot that can answer questions from visitors to your page in an instant. You can also include a hotline that people can call on top of all these digital media. Likewise, make sure to implement clear schedules so customers would know when or when your shop’s customer support agents would be ready to answer queries.

Your social media posts can provide support to these channels by sharing content that can answer your customers' frequently asked questions.

Provide your customers with great images and descriptions

Nothing will replace in-person shopping as it allows shoppers to actually see the jewelry from all sides and angles. In the same manner, they can also feel the product and ask a sales associate about the product. That’s why it’s important that the images you post of your jewelry merchandise online should be top-notch with product descriptions that provide sufficient information to satisfy buyers.

It all begins with having stellar product photos on your online shop. Make sure they are shot from multiple angles so that potential buyers can have a fuller view of the item on display. The kind of lighting you will use also matters so that the photos would always look good.

It’s important also to use the right props and jewelry display tools to enhance the product’s and the photograph’s appearance. Make sure to use the appropriate devices (e.g., earring display stands for earrings, necklace easels for necklaces). Remember also to take into account color combinations and aesthetics that will boost the appeal of the products.

Consequently, the descriptions that accompany the products should be strong and enticing. When it comes to details sizing matters, plus the material used should be included. If there are interesting stories about the creation or source material of the product then those could be included too if it can help shoppers make their purchase decisions.

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Boost your promotional efforts

Once you’ve gone online, you likewise will have to increase your efforts on promoting online too. Reach out to old and new customers through your social media and engage in both organic and paid advertisements on these same channels. Make sure to fill your posts with content that doesn’t just focus on selling but also with the aim of providing educational content about jewelry and styling that will be beneficial to your audience.

Because you are selling jewelry, it’s important to be highly visual with your content. Tap social media apps that focus on visuals such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and TikTok. Don’t limit yourself to product photos but feel free also to explore videos and GIFs.

Tough times call for tough decisions, but when you equip yourself with the right information, you can successfully face new challenges with confidence from the new knowledge you gained. You’ve already taken the right steps in the right direction today, and we’ll be here cheering you on while helping to provide you with the tools you need.


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