How To Stand Out in Outdoor Jewelry Fairs

We may be saying “hello!” again to festivals and fairs soon.

An elderly couple browsing jewelry at an outdoor fair.

With more loosened-up health protocols, we may be getting back the daily life we once had before the pandemic hit. For jewelry entrepreneurs, this means joining events like outdoor jewelry fairs yet again.

Before you start bringing out your jewelry display devices for showcasing once more, it won’t hurt to read our article as a “refresher course” on the matter.

Avoid clutter as much as possible

While the urge to jam your table with every piece of your merchandise is present, doing so would only lead to clutter and just turn off potential customers. Always remember that you don’t have to bring in every item from your store. Before the event, decide which items you will be bringing so you’ll have a clear direction on your retail design. Going by a theme (eg. floral, feminine) can save you from thinking up concepts and props for your table. Just make sure it aligns with the event’s own theme so check first with the organizers.

Stick to your company’s branding (if you already have one)

Branding efforts are activities done for the purpose of publicizing a brand name or image. This may include producing advertisements, as well as offline and online promotions as these efforts are seen as effective at making a particular brand become more memorable to the public. In the case of outdoor fairs, you can do this by injecting every publicity material you have with your company’s branding. From your banners to the shopping bags you use to wrap your products in, make sure it carries your brand’s identity, specifically your name and the standard colors and images you use for branding. And if you haven’t settled on your company’s branding and identity yet, then now’s the perfect time to do so.

Ethnic accessories on display at an outdoors jewelry fair.

Make sure your jewelry display devices are in their best shape

Who would want to buy from a stall with shoddy devices and props that are falling apart? If you’re not taking care of your selling and merchandising tools then you may be turning off potential customers. Take a look at your jewelry stands and holders and see if anything requires repair and replacement. 

The way you present your goods can be considered a branding activity too so every care and consideration should be made to make sure you’re putting a great face forward for your shop with your choice of jewelry display devices.

Charm and knowledge go a long way

Having a personable character will definitely win you points with the public. Always remember that a ready, sincere smile will be appreciated more by customers than if you were surly. Beyond having the grace to deal with customers, make sure also that whoever faces customers has enough knowledge to answer questions from the public. They must be ready to answer specific and technical questions about the jewelry items you sell. Take the time to coach your staff when it comes to customer relations so that each day of operations runs as smoothly as possible.

Be ready to have publicity materials on display and for handouts

In connection with the second piece of advice, make sure your booth has banners and other signages to get people’s attention. Again, it should contain your branding elements for memorability. Publicity materials also include business cards to help your customers and for you to gain repeat shoppers outside of the event. Another way to promote your booth and call the attention of the public is by handing out flyers. Make sure to designate one or two of your staff members to go around and hand out flyers about your booth.

The “new normal” is finally here. We, Nile Corp, will remain your able and willing partner as you face a new chapter in your jewelry business.


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