6 Ways to Increase Your Jewelry Business’ Sales

Increase your earnings with these tips.

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We here at Nile Corp are always on the lookout for ways we can help our customers in growing their jewelry businesses. From providing top-notch jewelry display devices to giving you ideas on the best ways to market your shop, we hope you are enjoying and learning from the articles we’ve put out so far! 

Now we are looking at another challenging aspect of having a jewelry business ー how to grow your shop’s sales. Let’s look at the ways below, shall we?

Develop a good rapport with your customers

Beyond knowing the ins and outs of a piece of jewelry or developing special skills to create exquisite pieces, there’s another important ingredient to having a successful business: a good relationship with your customers. This is a must for both brick-and-mortar as well as online businesses. Today’s consumers are much more likely to purchase when their desires are respected and they are treated as more than just dollar signs to earn from. 

Remember to always find a way to relate with your customers by asking the right questions, caring for their needs, and genuinely deliver good quality service each time. For sure they would not hesitate to avail items from your store and give in to repeat visitations in the future.

Be aware of issues that may arise from your sale of jewelry

There’s another reason why today’s consumers are unlike those of yesteryears. Many of them, especially the young ones, are much more aware of world issues where the jewelry industry may be involved in such as making sure they’re only purchasing conflict-free and ethically sourced diamonds.

First of all, it’s best to advocate for these humane and lawful means of sourcing by knowing about the issues involved. More importantly, make sure your suppliers and/or creations only follow these principles. Other issues that may be of interest to your customers (green initiatives, sustainability) can be reflected not only by the type of merchandise you choose to sell but also through the materials you use for your shop’s interiors and jewelry display devices. Environment-friendly options you can use are jewelry display tools made out of burlap or repurposed wood.

Invest in your shop’s branding

Having an identifiable name and brand makes you memorable and will help in boosting your sales. Take the time to come up with a brand voice that you will use as a guide when you’re planning for your shop’s marketing materials and initiatives. Likewise, when deciding on one, make sure it will appeal to the audience you are trying to attract.

Now, this process won’t be so easy especially because you would want to stand out from your competitors, so take the time to brainstorm it with your creative team or avail the services of a marketing firm or person to help you craft the one that’s best for you and the business.

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Hold periodical events for discounts and special prizes

The public always loves a good bargain and they will travel and line up for miles to get one. Depending on your merchandise on offer and their supply, you can hold regular discount days or offer codes that slash your merchandise’s price in half or more. This can be a feasible initiative for online and physical stores alike and is a sure favorite of shoppers.

Tap the power of social media

Everyone is online these days, so why not go where the customers are? Posting pictures and videos on the most popular social media apps can definitely boost your sales when done the right way. As long as you produce great content and manage your brand’s reputation well online, there’s no reason why you should pass on the chance of going digital for your shop’s promotions.

Take the time to hear out the public’s sentiments

Whether you do this in person or online via the comments left on your social media accounts or even review sites, make sure to get to know your audience by knowing what they have to say about your product and service. Word of mouth can be a powerful driver for consumer behavior and you better believe people will be talking about you on the web, so listen and respond well to what you will find online and offline.

Good luck!


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