How To Use Videos To Market Your Merchandise

Shine a brighter spotlight on your merchandise with videos.

A videographer shooting a couple's video.

Building your presence online can be pretty challenging these days but it is a platform you should absolutely get your hands on when trying to promote your jewelry business. One of the best ways to go about it is with the use of videos. As a highly visual medium, the internet is the perfect place to showcase what you have to offer without making you spend a lot.

From showing tutorials and putting the spotlight on your jewelry display concepts, here are the ways to use video marketing to your advantage.

Be your customers’ go-to place for information

The content you put out is what would entice people to discover you online. With the right topics, such as jewelry showcases or style tips on how one should wear a particular type of jewelry, you can create an engaging environment between new and old customers. It all starts with a concept, then the execution (shooting), editing, and finally publishing. Your best platforms for these are social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Grow an audience by putting out top-notch content which eventually converts to buyers for your shop.

Study what works for each platform 

Short, snappy clips are great for TikTok and Instagram Stories, while longer forms work well on YouTube. For the first two mentioned, "outfit of the day" or OOTD videos would make for good content on the app. You can have a model show the ways your merchandise can be worn, all while using nice graphics and snazzy audio. For YouTube, you may try exploring content featuring product demos and presentations. You can get someone to host the video and have them talk about one or two products. It is important to have someone approachable and capable to take hosting duties. Make sure also that the product, as well as their jewelry display devices and other props, are in their best condition for the shoot.

A woman talking and waving to her phone's camera.

Encourage the public’s participation

This can come in the form of comments and questions from your viewers. Be ready to respond to their queries, particularly if they are about purchasing items or further questions about the item featured. Another way to encourage participation is by asking users who can talk about their purchases, how they are using them in their daily lives, etc. You may also reach out to influencers who can help spread the word about your products and serve as the “face” of your brand.

Don’t forget to have metrics in place and to regularly check if targets are being met

Even as a creative exercise, success in video marketing is measured by numbers. Check to see the views you are getting, how many are subscribing or liking your page because of it, and study if you are making conversions. By doing so, you can figure out what kind of content works and whats needs to be paused or canceled outright.


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