How To Stay Competitive in the Jewelry Business

Never be complacent.

A hand holding a box with gemstones inside.

In a year unlike any other, another surprising turn of events happened within the jewelry industry: jewelry sales actually saw a rise in sales during the pandemic. Once state lockdown orders eased up, the well-to-do began to splurge on jewelry purchases.

This means that now more than ever, jewelry retailers must be more aggressive when it comes to targeting their customers. With tons of competition vying for their attention on and offline, what should jewelry entrepreneurs do? Look at the different areas of your business and see if they need improvements or a complete overhaul. Don’t be afraid to make the tough calls ー if you need to create a new marketing plan or replace your shop’s interiors and jewelry display concepts, do it.

Now here are some other moves you can try.

Make sure your website employs responsive web design

This simply means that your website is properly rendered on a variety of devices. Because people are no longer limited to just the desktop these days, your website must be designed in such a way that its visuals will not be compromised when viewed whether on desktops, laptops, tablets, or mobile phones. This ensures that your site’s elements will be in order wherever and your visitors will have an easy time navigating your site.

Go for a niche market

To stand out, sometimes you would need to narrow down the scope of your target audience. There are plenty of options to choose from: weddings, ethnic, fair trade sourcing, those that cater to music and style subcultures, etc. Your entire branding must then revolve around your chosen niche and embodied by your store.

Going for a modern, minimalist aesthetic? This wooden jewelry stand will certainly fit in.

Offer personalized services

There are many jewelry buyers who are after unique designs and won’t just settle for what’s displayed on the counter. For them, they want something that no one else has, and that is certainly an opportunity that you should pursue. Custom jewelry in the form of new creations or simple engraving requests are services you can explore in your store.

Establish your brand online

When most folks are spending their time online, it makes sense for both budding and long-time jewelry businesses to be there where their target customers are. Aside from having a well-kept and responsive website, establishing your presence on social media is an excellent way to promote your services and have people get to know your brand. 

It’s best to choose social media sites that are highly visual and interactive like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. These platforms will allow you to showcase your merchandise through photos and videos. At the same time, they are great for reaching out to your market.

Speaking of photos, have your merchandise take the spotlight in this lovely easel display stand holder. Remember to take lots of photos so you can upload them to your social media pages.

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