5 Summer-Themed Jewelry Display Ideas

Start welcoming summer’s warm vibes and bright days.

Sunglasses and Scrabble tiles spelling out "SUMMER" on sand during a sunny day.

The fun times are back and with more folks keen to enjoy the season by going to beaches and traveling for vacation ー we did spend most of the year indoors after all ー many are also jazzed up to put together their vacation outfits and that includes shopping for accessories. 

This means you need to be sure you have the best seasonal jewelry display set up in your store. A new season’s fast approaching, summer’s about to heat up, so here are some ideas for you to try out and explore.

A variety of pool inflatables floating on a pool.

Beach/pool inflatables

No trip to the beach is ever complete without colorful inflatables, so why not bring that vibe to your store? You can create a setup with these fun toys and incorporate colorful beaded jewelry to complete the look. Your best jewelry display tools for this concept are those made out of wood especially ones in light colors.

#WD2965OK Wooden 4-Tier Jewelry Display Stand
#WD2965OK Wooden 4-Tier Jewelry Display Stand*

Music festival

The summer season is also the season of music festivals, and while this year’s gigs may be low-key compared to previous years that doesn’t mean you can’t bring in the same feels to your store. Time to crank up the volume and have a spot ready for glitter, colorful tank tops, denim short shorts, and sneakers. Don’t forget the colorful banners and artificial grass to make it truly feel like an outdoor music festival.

Your best jewelry display tools to use here are acrylic types especially those that come in neon.

#JWY329 Acrylic T-Bar Jewelry Organizer Display
#JWY329 Acrylic T-Bar Jewelry Organizer Display*


Another great theme to build your display on is the surfer aesthetic. Think of Hawaii, surfboards, board shorts, and bikinis. With such fun and colorful props, you’re gonna have a ball recreating a beach scene at your jewelry store.

Since the surfing lifestyle is all about being one with nature, why not use jewelry displays in burlap for this particular theme?

A blonde girl looking out the window while sitting backseat in a car.

Road trips

After being cooped up at home for so long we bet most would have “going on a road trip” as part of their agenda this summer. It’s a great theme to work on as many folks have missed out on this activity for a year. For props, better bring miniature cars, bags, and maps to your display.

Collapsible jewelry display tools would make for great props for this concept.

Display items for the Fourth of July celebrations.

Fourth of July

Once the month of July rolls out, it’s time to bring out the red, white, and blue and celebrate Independence Day. Recreate a fun Fourth of July picnic at your store with folding chairs, a barbecue grill, and balloons. Remember also to highlight jewelry items in the holiday’s colors to complete the look.

*Available on the Nile Corp website.


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