5 Jewelry Retail Display Ideas You Can Explore at Your Store

Creativity is key.

A pair of earrings stuck on a tree for display.

There’s always room for reinvention in the retail business. Trends and consumer attitudes change with the times and entrepreneurs should be flexible to match them or else they’d be left behind. Upgrading your merchandise line is a must, and so does updating your shop’s retail display to keep things fresh.

If you’re due for an update, then you’re in luck! You know we’re always sharing with you jewelry display ideas and you will be getting some more today. Check to see if you need a fresh batch of earring display stands and necklace platforms as you will surely want to get new ones after this article. 

#SET6-W23 Dark Grey Vintage Jewelry Display Set
#SET6-W23 Dark Grey Vintage Jewelry Display Set*

Go for a mature and elegant look with black leather

Dark neutral shades like black and grey are no-fail choices when you’re trying to achieve a classic, sophisticated look. Gold pieces would definitely look great in this one, especially those with a stand-out gemstone. It’s a 12-piece set so you’ll have plenty of room to be creative.

#WD3331-OK 3Pcs Set Wood Stackable Display Riser Stands
#WD3331-OK 3Pcs Set Wood Stackable Display Riser Stands*

Create a combination display set with this trio of risers

Now let’s take a look at another jewelry display set, only this time it is created by combining different devices together. This style allows for even more freedom as you can combine different sets of tools to create a cohesive whole. 

In this sample, it was achieved by combining three wooden risers used as platforms for other jewelry display tools ー the two cone-shaped ring holders and the necklace bust stand shown in the photo. To give dimension to your setup, feel free to combine different materials but make sure they match.

#WD123D Stackable Antique Wooden Jewelry Tray
#WD123D Stackable Antique Wooden Jewelry Tray*

Bring in the rustic vibes with antique wood

Go for the natural look with this wooden tray that you can use either as a table-topper or for showcasing inside a glass display counter. It comes in three colors: oak, brown, and coffee. It has 12 sections, perfect for displaying tiny jewelry items such as earrings, as well as individual pendants and stones. If you will be using this as part of a set, make sure to incorporate the colors of nature or use seasonal colors ー such as pastels for spring and earth colors for autumn ー to make it more beautiful and alluring to customers.

#DP032DT Twin Towers 10"W x 3 1/2"D x 15 1/2"H
#DP032DT Twin Towers 10"W x 3 1/2"D x 15 1/2"H*

Look to architecture for inspiration

With a design that makes it look more like an engineering or architectural project, this earring display tower will bring in some industrial vibes to your displays. You can use display cards for showcasing your earrings as shown in the photo, but you could also simply use the holes to hold chandelier-type earrings in place.

#COP9092-WH Metal Wire Display (6 Hooks Top, 6 Hooks Under)
#COP9092-WH Metal Wire Display (6 Hooks Top, 6 Hooks Under)*

Evoke ultra-feminine vibes with mannequin/doll-type stands

Finally, we think you should give this lovely display piece a shot. This A-shaped wire mesh stand is a pretty and eye-catching table-topper, perfect at capturing a younger set of consumers. While its design makes it stand on its own, don’t forget that it is a functional piece as well. The featured hooks can be used to display jewelry pieces that come in chains such as necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. Meanwhile, the inside part can hold bangles, as well as earrings (just make sure you use a display card with them) as well as rings.

*Available on the Nile Corp website.


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