5 Signs Your Jewelry Store Needs an Overhaul

Make sure your customers always see something fresh in your store.

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Been hitting a slump in the sales department lately? Your jewelry store may be due for a little update soon. Keeping your customers interested will surely guarantee you a steady flow of income. That means making your store and its merchandise enticing and inspiring for them to come back time and time again, but how does one go about that?

From having spruced up jewelry display setups and stocks to revitalized storefronts and interiors, let’s look at the ways you can revamp and bring life back into your store.

Your jewelry merchandise isn’t selling well

Perhaps experimenting with new jewelry styles can give your shop the spark it needs. You can do this by reaching out to new suppliers and designers who can provide you with their jewelry handicrafts. There are many talented jewelry designers out there who are looking to expand their market and your shop may just be the one that helps them fulfill that goal.

If you are the creator of your merchandise, then why not take this as an opportunity to learn new things and designs that you can sell at your store?

4-Step Wooden Ring Organizer Cone Shape Ring Display
4-Step Wooden Ring Organizer Cone Shape Ring Display

Your jewelry store starts to show its age

It may also very well be that you have a nice and attractive batch of merchandise on sale, but your actual store isn’t exactly inviting to customers. Have a good look at your retail space and see what needs to be repaired or replaced. Display tables and toppers that are falling apart will certainly turn off customers no matter how gorgeous the items that are being offered at your store. New fixtures and a fresh coat of paint and wallpaper may do wonders for your store’s operations. Likewise, if you need to upgrade your display tools then you can come and check our store to see your options. Clicking the link in the ring display photo above will take you to our wide selection of jewelry display stands and platforms. From earring display tools and rotating racks, trust us when we say that we’ve got you covered.

Your store is disorganized

Is every item where they should be or are shoppers having a hard time finding things? Having a cohesive theme for your store makes it an easy place to shop and something shoppers will certainly appreciate. Along with updating your store’s facilities, you must also make sure the layout of your store and the placement of products makes sense. Going with a solid aesthetic can certainly tie the whole thing together. Go with looks that ring true to your products and the customers that buy them and you will surely win them back in this area.

Your staff is demotivated

Have you checked in with your staff lately? Sometimes it’s the people manning your store that may be causing problems. Observe them carefully and take notice of any changes. Has the atmosphere in the store been dour or boring lately? In an unhappy workplace, employees aren’t able to give their all. They may just be going through the motions day in and day out and that can zap the mood of everyone in the store, staff member or customer alike. Have a talk with your people and find out the root of their issues and try to resolve it the best way you can. Listen and hear what they have to say as you might learn something you don’t know before.

Outdoor seating area of a shop.

You’re being overshadowed by competition

It can also be that nearby stores may be taking attention away from you. If that’s the case, then find out what clicks with them and the shoppers. Here’s where you might find out that they have much more attractive storefronts, and in that case, you may want to concentrate on designing a window display that’s attractive. You can incorporate several design elements such as mannequins, props, backdrops, and of course, jewelry display essentials that will showcase your merchandise in the best light possible.

We here at Nile Corp want to see you succeed in business and in life, so come back for our next installment of jewelry business tips.


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