How to Generate Black Friday Buzz for Your Jewelry Shop

 What you need to do to stand out in this shopper’s holiday.

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Black Friday in 2020 may be vastly different from all the previous Black Fridays but that’s no reason to rest easy this year! While the COVID-19 pandemic created new challenges to retailers everywhere, many learned to be flexible and adapted to the current climate. Entrepreneurs from different industries shifted their business to the digital sphere which led to a boom in online shopping and deliveries. All of a sudden more people chose to remain at home and did their shopping online. That may very be the same scenario when Black Friday arrives this year, but we’re sure plenty will still continue with the tradition of shopping in person.

Whether you’re sticking to digital for now or readying your brick and mortar for holiday shoppers, here are some tips to help you market your jewelry items for the big day.

Make sure your merchandise look their best online and offline

This is the perfect time to take stock of your inventory and see which ones you will be including in your sales promos. It could be a mix of old bestsellers, some hard-to-sell items that may generate interest in Black Friday shoppers, and new designs that you’re keen to launch on the day.

Next, you need to make sure you’re showcasing them in the best light possible by using high-quality jewelry display tools. Capture the attention and imagination of shoppers whether online and offline using great retail setups. If you will be selling at a physical store, it’s a good idea to take on themed displays to highlight your jewelry merchandise. If you'll be selling online, taking good care to create beautiful product photos and fashion shoots are the keys to success. 

This elegant bust-type necklace display stand will make for an excellent holder to showcase your store’s necklace collection both in-store and on the internet.

Pink Fabric Covered Linen Necklace Chain Jewelry Bust Display
Pink Fabric Covered Linen Necklace Chain Jewelry Bust Display

Come up with sales promotions to offer shoppers awesome deals

Black Friday is the day of monumental retail promos and gimmicks guaranteed to get customers to shop till they drop. A little bit of creativity goes a long way when trying to win over buyers and keeping them away from your competitors. Here are just some of our ideas off the top of our heads:

1. Flash Sales

While Black Friday is an all-day bargain hunting affair, you can designate certain hours on Black Friday or even days before the holiday to conduct flash sales. Here’s where you offer certain items whose prices are already low at even lower prices. (“Get this charm bracelet at 85% off between 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm only!") The time limit will certainly generate excitement and push people to go ahead and buy your product.

2. Voucher Promos and Codes

Be ready to offer shopping vouchers that buyers can use to get bigger discounts or gifts to go with their purchases. This can be successfully distributed as e-vouchers on your social media accounts or set up as codes that customers need to use to enjoy the promo.

3. Free Giveaways

You can set it up so that shoppers who hit a certain amount get free gifts such as jewelry display sets to accompany their purchase or after-sales servicing like jewelry cleaning and repair.

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Create content to promote your Black Friday offers

Once you’ve settled on the items you’re going to sell and the promos you will be offering, now’s the time to focus on promotions. Use any kind of platform, both online and offline, to announce your promos.

In terms of content channels, there’s plenty to choose from when marketing jewelry. Your best bets are image-heavy platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. You can try to post static images of teasers to entice your followers, or you can also use videos (Stories, Tik Tok) to generate buzz. You may also start posting photos of some items the customers can expect to see in your shop. This should be done weeks ahead of Black Friday and posted with regular frequency to help spread its reach, as well as to keep them top of mind amongst jewelry buyers.

Another useful platform to tap is email. If you are already using this as a marketing strategy, you may include the upcoming event in your newsletter’s regular content. 

Of course, traditional posters and signages can still help spread the word about your upcoming event

Remember to keep track of audience impressions to see if your campaign is working as it should or if you need to change or boost your promos.

We know Black Friday may come extra challenging this year, but don’t worry! Once you sit down to create a plan for the holiday then you can be ready to face any of its challenges.


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