How to Wear Chunky Jewelry

Add a little bit of edge to your style with chunky pieces.

Multiple bracelets worn on the wrist.

Wearing big and bold jewelry pieces requires a delicate balance. You wouldn’t want them to overwhelm your outfit but just give it the right amount of flair to give you extra style points as you go about your day.

If your jewelry display collection lacks chunky pieces, this article may just push you into getting them.

Brunette woman wearing a black bandeau top and orange slit skirt.

Stick to one chunky piece

Piling on too many jewelry pieces can leave you looking cluttered and busy. You’re better off keeping things simple by sticking to one chunky piece and wearing only that or a couple of delicate pieces to complement the look.

African woman wearing large hoops earrings.

Pair up your chunky necklace with a simple neckline

Keeping with the theme of balance, when wearing a chunky necklace you need to pair it up with a neckline with a simple design. Ditch the frills, the peter pan collars, and cowl necks if you want to wear a chunky neckpiece. For more impact, you can go with a high neckline or a low neckline so people can focus on your necklace.

Choose neutral shades for your clothes to go with your pieces

Simplicity is key. You will look more polished if you pair up your chunky jewelry with neutral shades. This puts the spotlight on your jewelry, as brightly-colored clothes would take away attention from your accessories. The same goes for your nail polish and makeup. Better keep things subdued so they don’t create a look that clashes.

An infographic showing the different face shapes and the earring types that look good with them.

Mind your face’s shape when choosing earrings

Unfortunately, not everyone will look good with big and ornate earrings. Once again, it is about keeping things balanced. You can look at the diagram above to see which types of earrings would go well with your face shape. Lucky for you if you have an oval shape as any style of earring will look good on you.

Simple hairstyles are a great match for big, ornate jewelry pieces

You wouldn’t want your hairstyle to clash with your chunky jewelry. Better keep your hair straight and polished; leave the big, bouncy waves to when you’re wearing dainty accessories. A nice, chic updo also works as it would keep the hair away from your ears and face which would make observers keep their focus on your jewelry.

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