The Different Types of Necklace Displays

These are the jewelry display tools you need to know and have if you have a sizeable necklace collection.

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Whether you are an avid collector or seller of jewelry, one way to make sure you are showcasing your necklaces in the best way possible is with the use of necklace display racks. These are jewelry display tools that are used to show multiple necklace pieces at once. They come in different forms and materials, and this article will show you the different types.

Metal Jewelry Stand Rack
Metal Jewelry Stand Rack*

1. Tree Displays

If you’re looking for something functional and also decorative, a tree display is your best bet. Made to look like miniature trees but without the leaves, these types of jewelry display lend an earthy, organic feel to any room or shop. Its “branches” are perfect for hanging necklaces and bracelets.

Think of this as your personal Christmas tree, but with jewelry as its trimmings and decors.

Wooden Jewelry Display Bust Easel 3 Necklaces - Brown
Wooden Jewelry Display Bust Easel 3 Necklaces - Brown*

2. Easel Displays

Another necklace display type that’s worth trying is an easel display. Similar to a painter’s easel, this one is designed to hold up necklaces in an upright angled position. Lightweight and sturdy, one easel can carry up to six necklaces. It also comes with adjustable height pegs at the back. This makes it an ideal tool to bring at trade shows and artisan markets. It is also a popular choice for a jewelry shop’s storefront display and an avid collector’s personal home use.

Wooden 4-Tier Jewelry Display Stand
Wooden 4-Tier Jewelry Display Stand*

3. T-Bar Displays

With posts that resemble the letter “T,” this particular necklace display gets its name for its appearance. It is a dependable rack meant to carry not just necklaces but also other jewelry items that hang like bangles and bracelets. Be careful though not to overload it too much to maintain your display’s neat appearance.

Wooden Plank Necklace Jewelry Display Stand for 8 Necklaces
Wooden Plank Necklace Jewelry Display Stand for 8 Necklaces*

4. Plank Displays

You’d be forgiven if ever you mistake this one for a bookstand. A variation of the easel display, this one showcases the necklaces in a horizontal line instead of vertically. This makes for an excellent tabletop display at your home or as a shop and trade show display device.

*Available on the Nile Corp website.


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