A Guide to Engagement Rings and the Best Ring Boxes for Them

A helpful guide to make sure you’re doing the right thing.

Close up of a ring-wearing hand.

So you’ve finally decided to propose to the love of your life...are you fully prepared to face the next challenging step? We’re not talking about marriage because you need to buy an engagement ring first! As always, you can count on us here at Nile Corp to give you helpful advice on jewelry display techniques as well as jewelry shopping. We know that choosing an engagement ring can be pretty stressful so we put together this helpful guide to make the process a lot easier for you. We also believe that first impressions last and we want to make sure your proposal starts off on the right foot with our recommendations for ring boxes.

1. Decide on the shape and band beforehand

You can easily narrow down your selection when you have these two elements down pat. Try to find out the shape and band that your significant other may favor by observing the usual jewelry that he/she wears. You can also browse online and learn about the different diamond shapes (also called “cuts”) to see your options. Take note that diamonds are priced depending on their shape and carat so you need to take those into consideration too.

For the love of your life, our Flocked Velvet Dome Shaped Ring Box* in Red is simply the perfect choice. Set in the color of passion, this makes for an elegant and appropriate pick for this monumental event in your life as a couple.
Flocked Velvet Dome Shaped Ring Box in Red

2. Try to explore alternatives to diamond

You don’t have to necessarily follow the tradition of going with a diamond ring. Factors such as budgets and personal taste make other gemstones as possible alternatives to diamonds, so feel free to explore these options as well.

3. Make sure to get your partner’s ring measurements

While getting your partner’s measurements can be a bit tricky, it is definitely an essential part of the ring shopping process. With a bad fit, the ring is at risk of slipping off if it’s too loose or getting stuck around the finger. Remember that this is no other ordinary ring you are purchasing so make an effort to find the correct size.

Just as you should be clear with your partner’s measurements when shopping for rings, a Velvet Ring Box* is also a clear, no-fail option amongst ring boxes for its classic elegance. Fitted with white satin cushioning inside, this is a classy companion for any beautiful ring of your choice.
Velvet Ring Box

4. Think about how the ring will look when worn with the wedding band

Normally, the engagement ring will be topped by the wedding band so take the time to consider how they would like side by side each other. It makes sense to have the same type of wedding band so that the pair will complement each other.

5. It’s best to take your ring shopping offline

While the internet is a great starting point to browse possible styles, we recommend to take it offline during the actual selection and buying of the ring. Doing so will help you avoid fakes, plus having an actual jewelry consultant to help you make the purchase will make the process a lot easier.

Sturdy, practical, and dependable, wood can be a metaphor for the strength of a couple’s relationship. A Solid Wood Ring Box* is a wise pick for its high-quality craftsmanship. Topped with a rosewood finish and lined with leatherette, you simply can’t go wrong with this choice.
Solid Wood Ring Box

Choosing the right ring for a loved one can be a serious business, but so is choosing the right jewelry storage tool. Make sure you’re getting only the right display and storage compartments by visiting and exploring the Nile Corp website.

*Available on the Nile Corp website.


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