Tips for Traveling with Jewelry

Here’s how you can keep your precious jewelry collection safe while traveling.

While it may still take some time for the travel industry to return to normal, the truth is people are still moving somewhere during the pandemic. Though in a limited capacity, folks are finding ways to move back home or transferring somewhere where it’s safer and has better opportunities.

This article is for them and even if you’re reading this and you’re staying put where you are, you can still find some helpful advice here for when you travel with jewelry in the future. So don’t forget to bookmark this, ok?

These are the rules to remember when traveling with jewelry:

Create a list of your jewelry

Remember to record each and every jewelry item you will be bringing with you. This will help you keep track of your items so nothing goes missing. You can also take photographs of your jewelry pieces as it’s easy to forget a few pairs here and there.

Always pack your jewelry in your carry-on bag

If you’re traveling by air, never place your precious jewelry collection with your checked luggage. Remember to always keep it with you for safety reasons. If you’re driving to your destination, it’s better to also have them with you instead of leaving them at the mercy of others. For added protection, make sure to place them in storage organizers to avoid damage and scratches. Find the ones with tray compartments and those foldable ones which can carry several jewelry items at once.

You can also bring jewelry display devices with you, preferably those that have adjustable boards for easy transport.

Personal items on a flatlay angle including jeans, a pair of sneakers, camera, sunflowers, a gold watch and necklace, and sweatshirt.

Get insurance for your jewelry

It’s always wise to prepare for a rainy day. Likewise, you will never regret getting insurance for your jewelry especially if you will go on a long-haul trip. A lot can happen during your travels so make sure to get good insurance coverage for your jewelry. It will surely save you from worries if and when something goes wrong.

Don’t overdo the accessories while sightseeing

If you plan to go out for sightseeing, make sure to wear just a little bit from your collection and then leave the rest inside a locked safe. If you plan on doing action activities such as swimming or hiking, we don’t recommend wearing jewelry for safety reasons.


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