Things to Bring for Your First Jewelry Artisan Market

Make this one a great experience for you and your business.

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While a lot of artisan markets were shut down and festivals had to reschedule their events this year, it never hurts to be prepared ahead of time. Take this break as a chance to plan out your strategy and make yourself ready once the jewelry industry allows public events again.

For now, you may start building up on your jewelry portfolio and readying your jewelry display tools so you’ll have everything you need once operations resume. But before you do, here’s a list of what you need to prepare when joining jewelry artisan markets.

Before everything else

Depending on the theme or market, the event organizers may conduct a screening process to evaluate your products. You may also be interviewed about the creative process that went into your chosen merchandise. Other requirements may include business permits, business insurance, as well as your tax ID number. Again this will vary depending on the program and event’s location.

If you pass this stage you need to be ready with the following items:

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Display essentials

*Tables and chairs are optional. Some organizers will provide them during the event, others won’t. Likewise, canopies may be provided depending on location or theme. It’s best to check first with organizers regarding these items.

Floor-length table cloth - This item serves two purposes for you: as a place to set your merchandise and as cover to hide any items you store under your table.

Signage - For branding and identification purposes, have marketing collaterals (which should include calling cards, brochures, and flyers) with you

Lights - While there will be for sure house lights provided especially if the event’s conducted indoors, you need to bring extra display lights so you can highlight your pieces. Don’t forget to bring extra bulbs and extension cords for emergencies.

Mirrors - These are useful things to have in your booth as buyers can check and try out your jewelry merchandise.

Booth props and backdrop - Make sure your store is pleasant to look at so that people will come to admire and buy your items. Don’t forget to bring in art materials such as scissors, tape, glue, markers, and paint to make your design vision for your booth possible.

Jewelry display tools (racks, risers, pads, dishes, etc.) - Besides your merchandise, these are the most important items to bring with you at an event like this. Using the appropriate display props will showcase your jewelry in the best way possible and make them attractive to potential buyers.

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Financial essentials

Cash box/register - This will again depend on the organizers, so check first their provisions for each booth occupant.

Credit card processor/QR code scanner - Some people will definitely prefer to go cashless so have these tools with you, if possible.

Receipt books - Some people may prefer to have it done the old fashioned way. This also helps in keeping track of sold merchandise.

Inventory list - Helps you keep track of sales, merchandise, and props.

Health and hygiene items

Alcohol or hand sanitizers - Health is wealth, especially nowadays so have these items ready for your staff and customers.

Food - Again, this one’s availability will depend on the organizer but just to be safe, you can bring in snacks and drinks to keep you from getting hungry during the event. Be careful though that you don’t create a mess in your booth’s display.

Personal items such as tissue, medicine, etc. - Events such as this can last the whole day and you will need things that will bring you comfort and relief.

...and the most important items to bring

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Your jewelry merchandise, of course. This is your chance to show off your craft to potential buyers so make sure you have enough to present. It helps to think of a cohesive theme ahead so that your display will make sense to the public. It’s best to plan out your display scheme for this event so you’d know on the day which one goes where. Before we forget, remember to bring in labels, tags, and signs to indicate your items’ prices.

Good luck!


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