Jewelry Display Ideas for Teen Girls

Let your choice of jewelry display speak for your unique personal style.

A group of girls hanging out in a bedroom.

While you’re still young, it helps to have a system for how you store and display your belongings. This is especially helpful once you’ve gotten a room of your own as you can easily locate your things when you do. From the clothes you wear to the gadgets you cherish, having a designated place for them will keep things organized and your parents off your back. Naturally, because we are Nile Corp, let us help you find ways to organize your accessories. In this article, we’ll show you some tips on how you can use jewelry display and storage tools for your precious collection.

A girly bed spread in pink and white.

Let your choice of jewelry display tool reflect your personal style

For young women, their bedrooms serve not just as places where they sleep, they also function as canvasses that reflect their personal style statements. From their choice of linen to their picks for furniture, the things one finds in a teen girl’s room often show the personality of the owner.

While they are useful for keeping and maintaining your jewelry collection, jewelry displays also serve as decorative pieces. Naturally, you would want them to match your room’s style.

Here’s one that’s perfect for the girly girls:

Fabric-Covered Bracelet T-Bar Display
Fabric Covered Bracelet T-Bar Display*

This one is for fans of the minimalist look:

Premium Acrylic 20 Pairs Earring Display Stand Jewelry Holder, Clear
Premium Acrylic 20 Pairs Earring Display Stand Jewelry Holder, Clear*

We also have mannequin-type holders for the fashionistas, as well as eco-friendly jewelry displays for the budding environmentalist.

Make sure to keep them neat and dust-free

A little brushing here and a little bit of gentle wiping there ensures your displays are kept clean and orderly. Avoid letting them gather dust by neglecting to clean them as it will diminish the beauty of your collection. You don’t need to buy expensive cleaners either as a soft cloth dipped in water with mild detergent will do.

A brunette girl working on her laptop from bed.

Create themed areas around your room based on colors or pop culture

If you’re really keen on making your jewelry displays a talking point amongst your friends when they come over, why not do something extra for your collection by arranging them based on a certain theme? You can choose to highlight particular colors or go for a certain aesthetic to emulate.

Here’s another cool idea – why not look to movies for inspiration? In this article, Sirin Kale of Vice talked to production designers for some of the most iconic teen movies about their inspiration for their characters’ bedrooms. You can take a cue from these folks or revisit your favorite movies to get ideas for your jewelry displays.

Make sure to store away your hidden jewelry well

It’s not a good idea to have your entire jewelry collection on display. You better keep away from prying eyes your most expensive valuables as well as the family heirlooms you’ve inherited. You can choose to keep them hidden in a safe or stash them away in locked jewelry boxes. If you go with jewelry boxes, make sure to look for ones that come with compartments and covered in soft fabric lining to protect your delicate stones and charms.

Happy shopping!

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