Tips for Choosing the Right Hoop Earrings for You

Hoop earrings are an essential part of every fashionista’s style arsenal.

Pretty girl in a white tank top and wearing big hoop earrings.

Looking to give your personal style an instant lift? Hoop earrings add a little bit of spice into any outfit. From casual looks to the most glamorous gowns, these are the types of accessories you’d like to wear if you want to make a statement. You better make sure your earring display tools at home have some space ready for them when you buy a bunch of pairs after reading this article!

Go for the classic look

You simply can’t go wrong with a basic thin-band type of hoop earrings. This style draws the eye downwards, a great technique to slim down one’s neck and emphasize a high neckline. Your choice always depends on the look that best matches your personal style, but hoop earrings in solid gold and silver will always be safe picks for their classic appeal.

We have a ton of hoop earrings you can choose from if you’re ready to dive into this earring style.

Short-haired girl with big hoop earrings and wearing a jeans and shirt combo.

Consider your hair length and style when deciding between sizes

A tiny downside to wearing hoop earrings is that they can get easily get tangled up with big hairstyles, particularly those with larger hoops. Think carefully about the hairstyle you plan on wearing before you decide to put on your jewelry. If you want to try something big and bold, it’s best to have your hair tied back or placed in a bun. Also, watch out if you’re wearing a huge pair of hoops as you don’t want to have your earrings get accidentally hung from objects!

Experiment with styles depending on the occasion

The wide range of sizes available when buying earrings affords you the opportunity to explore various styles and effects. For a subtle look perfect for daily wear, go for “huggies” which are small hoop earrings that “hug” your earlobes as they are made to cling close to your skin. For date nights or parties, why don’t you go for something more dramatic, like studded hoop earrings?

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Make sure to pick the right jewelry display tools for your hoop earrings

Now that we’ve given you advice for when you shop for your hoop earrings, let us now share with you an important tip all jewelry lovers must know.

It is important to have the right holders to hold and store your precious valuables. In the case of hoop earrings, you must let them hang loose and free so that they don’t get caught up with your other jewelry pieces. Make sure to pick something sturdy so they don’t topple over and that they have enough hooks or prongs for your collection.

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