How to Make Video Marketing Work for Your Jewelry Business

Stay ahead of the curve and make a splash online with videos.

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Innovation in any shape or form is essential nowadays. As the competition to stand out gets fiercer, one must not be complacent. This is true whether you are an online-only shop or a brick and mortar. How does one set out to do that? You go where the people are and at this point in time, it’s nowhere else but online.

As more and more folks stick to doing their shopping on the internet, any jewelry business that wants to succeed must find ways to capture this audience. Video marketing is just one of the many ways they can try. We’ve seen social media boom the past few years with giant brands tapping the platform to expand their reach and sales. All of sudden, it takes more than having retail and jewelry display skills to capture the public. While jewelry entrepreneurs are still expected to take the time to make sure their merchandise looks nice in person, our present-time needs call for having a strong presence online as well. Let us show you how you can benefit from doing so:

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Provide valuable content

Many marketing professionals would tell you that, “Content is king,” and that is absolutely true. In many ways, being able to provide fresh and relevant content to your target audience is one of the primary means to win the online marketing game. It puts your name out in the public and establishes you as a reliable source of information. You will then come to be known as a trusted name in the industry. Video marketing could be used for these efforts. With the right topic, presenter and technique, you tap into the public’s consciousness which translates to better recognition and sales for your brand.

Deciding what type of video content to put out is entirely up to you and there are certainly plenty to choose from:

1. Product presentations
Think of these presentations as an online version of those late-night shopping commercials you see on the television before you drift off to sleep. Of course, you can now jazz them up with better graphics and a presenter that caters to your target audience. Even short-form videos like Facebook & Instagram stories and the currently popular TikTok app are formats you can use for this project. Just remember to provide a direct link to the product’s page (accessible via a swipe on Stories) so that viewers can purchase your items right away.

2. Reviews
You can approach this type of content in two ways. You can invite influencers to create videos where they talk about your products, or you can actually tap your actual customers to review your products.

3. Tutorials
A great number of video content online is comprised of tutorials. That’s because they are popular to the public and are considered valuable content. This is also a good angle to take when brainstorming content for your jewelry business. You can give fashion tips on the best ways to wear your jewelry merchandise, or you can also provide helpful advice to jewelry fans on the proper ways to display their jewelry collections. You can partner up with a jewelry display and supply store to help with the instructional material for these tutorial videos.

Use it as a platform for community engagement

Once you have decided on the type of content to put out, you need to make sure it does not only answer your target customers’ needs but that it also becomes a way for you to build a relationship with them. This can be done through social media where community engagement is encouraged. Take the time to see what you’re audience is saying and use it to listen and respond to their needs.

This means that for every how-to video or IG story you put out, you need to make sure you are ready to respond once the public takes notice of them.

In conclusion,

Video marketing is a powerful tool that, when done correctly, can deliver sales and recognition to any jewelry business. Don’t be afraid to use it and experiment with its capabilities to see where it takes you. Whether you’re a home jeweler or already an established name in the business, you have nothing to lose if you use this marketing approach.

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