7 Helpful Tips for New Jewelry Makers

The things you need to know to succeed in this craft.

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Whether you’ve dipped your toes into jewelry making to keep yourself busy during quarantine or you plan to turn it into a money-making venture, it helps to acquaint yourself with the rules of the craft.

Learn to produce great outputs by knowing the basics of the trade.

1. Choose one type of jewelry to work on in the beginning

When it comes to jewelry you certainly have a lot of options that it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Like any other discipline or art, it helps to keep yourself focused. Choosing to focus on just one type of jewelry to work on will help you familiarize yourself with the craft. Perhaps you have a particular interest in bracelets or maybe your earring display stand feels bare and you’d like to fill it up with new pairs – whatever you pick to work on first is ok. You’ll have plenty of time, later on, to work on other jewelry types and materials.

2. Learn what you can about what goes into creating your chosen jewelry

To make sure you’re doing things correctly, you can start by watching tutorials online. Thankfully, the internet is a treasure trove of information so you wouldn’t have a hard time finding how-to guides. A good place to start is Skillshare where there’s a ton of jewelry making classes to choose from.

3. Have the right tools on hand

Your online jewelry design lessons won’t just teach you the craft but it will also share with you what are the right tools to have. You probably already have some of them at home but it will certainly help to invest in the necessary materials. Our shop, Nile Corp, also offers jewelry making tools as well, so please do stop by our site to browse.

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4. Putting your ideas to paper (or onscreen) will help

The creation process starts in the mind during visualization. But if you want to actually see your concept, you need to sketch it on paper or onscreen, whichever medium you prefer. This helps you add, tweak, and see your idea before actually creating it.

5. Look for inspiration

If sketching isn’t getting you anywhere perhaps you’re lacking the inspiration needed to get you started. Look around you and find the shapes, colors, and textures that capture you. This can be done online and offline so feel free to explore.

If finding inspiration remains elusive, don’t let this setback stress you out. The last thing you need is to pressure yourself to come up with anything. Rest and relax for now and let ideas flow later.

6. Make sure to take measurements

It’s never a good idea to do things on the fly, and the same goes for jewelry making. Guesswork will lead you nowhere, so don’t forget to take measurements before diving into the creation process. Seeing your work worn by others is a source of pride for any creative, so make sure the jewelry you’re making will fit its wearer.

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7. Practice makes perfect

Cliche as this advice may be, if you want to be good at something then this is the only way to go. Constant repetition of a craft helps hone your skills so you might as well take the time to practice it whenever you can. It might be hard in the beginning but you’ll soon see yourself improve. Just remember to follow your lessons and do it whenever you can.

Good luck!


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