Creative Ideas for Packaging Jewelry Orders

Let your packaging show the care you put into every one of your jewelry creations.

Brightly colored gift boxes and ribbons.

For safety reasons, many avid shoppers choose to remain inside their homes and rely on e-commerce sites for their needs. This is good news for many jewelry entrepreneurs as sales continue to run smoothly even with the imposition of lockdowns. Shifting to online-only selling is a good thing, however, there are also challenges that both small and established jewelry business owners may face. One of these has to do with packaging jewelry orders.

In this article, we’ll show you the different options that you can try.

Kraft Paper Gift Bag
Kraft Paper Gift Bag*

1. Gift Bags

One of the easiest ways to package a jewelry order is to use a gift bag. It is a practical option as you wouldn’t need to assemble anything if you pick this as your choice of packaging. However, this is best for bigger and chunkier items. Dainty pieces that can get easily tangled up are best suited for other forms of packaging. You can also easily slip in a necklace display board if that’s something you also offer.

We offer a bunch of different designs on our website if you’re ready to explore your options.

Damask Print Paper Cotton Filled Boxes
Damask Print Paper Cotton Filled Boxes*

2. Gift Boxes

This is another handy option for packaging jewelry orders. They are versatile and customizable as you can choose from different sizes and designs depending on the jewelry you will be shipping. If you will be sending out a set, you can pick a large box as the outer box and use several smaller boxes that you can place inside. These boxes also come with cotton inserts to provide cushioning for the actual jewelry piece inside.

Because accessories are sensitive cargo, let’s now look at your jewelry packaging options that you will use to contain the jewelry orders while they’re inside.

Organza Drawstring Pouches
Organza Drawstring Pouches*

3. Pouches

These tiny drawstring bags are perfect for bracelets and bangles. If you also sell individual gemstones, this one works well with those items too. Pick from our selection of different colors and put a smile on your customers’ faces once they open their deliveries.

White Hanging Earring Cards
White Hanging Earring Cards*

4. Earring Cards

This versatile jewelry holder suits any earring type such as post, dangling/chandelier, or hoop earrings. With a little bit of adjustment, this type of earring card can also hold clip-on earrings.

Luxury Sleeved Small Bracelet Box
Luxury Sleeved Small Bracelet Box*

5. Fabric-lined Boxes

This is an elegant option, perfect for fine jewelry. The box is covered in quality paper in a matte finish and lined with a soft light beige faux leather meant to provide cushioning for the packed jewelry. You can choose from several sizes depending on the type of jewelry you will be shipping.

There’s plenty more to see and explore when you visit our jewelry packaging page. Feel free to check our site to view your options.

*Available on the Nile Corp website.


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