5 Must-Do’s When Joining Jewelry Trade Shows

An essential checklist for every jewelry entrepreneur.

Groups of business people engaged in conversation at a trade show.

While it may take some time for normal operations to return in the jewelry industry, it never hurts to beef up on the knowledge necessary to run a successful business in the meantime. This includes knowing what needs to be done if you find yourself part of a jewelry trade show.

Besides knowing how to market yourself with fellow jewelers and suppliers, a lot of the work needed in trade shows involves presentations. To capture your targets, you must know the right way to display your jewelry merchandise.

Survey your assigned space before doing anything else

Just to be sure you have the right amount of merchandise and jewelry display equipment for the event, you need to see the space that will be allotted for you. This will depend on the size of the venue and the number of participants. Typically, you will be given a table or two to display your products. Good tabletop display tools to bring for your exhibit are display busts and the multiple tiered-type ones, like the one shown below.

Wooden 4-Tier Jewelry Display Stand
Wooden 4-Tier Jewelry Display Stand*

Have a system for how you’re going to be displaying your items

The aim is to attract potential customers and partners into your booth so your best bet to achieve that is to create a jewelry display that’s neat and pleasing to look at. That starts with keeping a display that just has the right amount of merchandise on top. A display that’s too crowded will look messy while one that looks sparse would look like you didn’t prepare for the event at all.

Necklaces and beaded bracelets on display.
Photo by freestocks on Unsplash
Likewise, it is important to be mindful of sizes and proportions when combining jewelry together. Putting small, delicate pieces on holders that are too big for them may cause them to get drowned out. Also, when combining jewelry pieces, a good tip to follow is the Rule of Three. It is a design principle which states that visually, people gravitate towards groups of threes so you may want to apply this rule with your displays.

Make sure to apply the right lighting techniques

You would want the lights to hit your jewelry in the perfect place so that they sparkle and shine. Again, depending on the house lights you may want to bring in lights that will enhance the beauty of your products. The right lights (we recommend LED display lights) at the right angle will definitely do wonders especially if you are showcasing stone jewelry pieces.

Choose your background patterns well

The colors you include in your jewelry display can certainly affect its appearance. You may want to use patterns sparingly, if at all, as they can take attention away from your jewelry collection. Neutrals and solid shades are safe as it would make your jewelry pop. The texture you use for your displays can also give off and leave different impressions to its viewers. Silk gives off a sophisticated vibe, while those that come in natural fabrics like burlap convey an earthy appeal.

Be personable

Now, this advice has nothing to do with setting up your jewelry display, but it is an important thing to remember nonetheless. Trade shows require interacting with the public, and whether they are customers, suppliers, or artists, you need to remember that you must convey a friendly and professional demeanor to everyone you meet. People are sure to come to you with questions so it is important that you are able to answer them adequately. Lastly, remember your manners and always have a ready smile on hand.

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