Things to Keep in Mind as You Reopen Your Jewelry Store

What you need to do to be ready for “the new normal.”

A retail store's signage with the word "OPEN."

As many areas are now easing up their stay-at-home rules, several establishments will slowly start opening up after months in lockdown. While we are all still grappling with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, safety precautions to prevent the spread of the disease will even be more of a concern. Some adjustments to business operations may need to be set in place for health and safety reasons.

Here are a few key points every jewelry retailer must remember:

Follow the government’s health protocols

After staying in isolation for the past few months, the opening of business establishments means interacting again with the public. Please take into consideration the safety of everyone around, customers and employees alike, by wearing the recommended gear to prevent spreading the virus.

You may also implement some measures to safeguard your merchandise and establishment as a whole. Larry Spicer from the Jewelers Mutual Insurance recommends requiring customers to quickly show their faces upon arriving at the store for identification.

Make adjustments to your display counters

Installing barriers between the sales staff and customers adds another layer of protection. Make sure also there are enough sanitizing products (alcohol, hand gels) within reach of everyone in the store for quick touch-ups.

Cleanliness is crucial. Before every working day, make sure all items on display are disinfected. From the smallest earring display pads to the more elaborate combination set displays, nothing should be left out. Repeat the same procedure before shutting down for the day.

Take stock of inventory

Keeping cash flow is always the goal of every business, perhaps more so during this pandemic. Taking a second look at your existing inventory would mean letting go of some hard-to-sell items, increasing production or ordering for fast sellers, and offering promos and discounts to speed up sales.

A lady putting on a surgical face mask.

Don’t forget to check up on your staff

Because of changes to operations, you may need to re-orient your people to new rules around the workplace. Make sure they practice health protocols and are in good shape before they are made to face the customers once again. Provide them with the necessary support to help them transition into “the new normal.”

See to it that your tech systems are all ready to go

Going cashless and contactless is a safe way to conduct payment transactions during the health crisis, so make sure you have the technology ready to make them possible. Expanding your shop’s presence online can also help you sustain operations by catering to those who are still shopping from the comfort of their homes.


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