5 Things You Need to Ask Your Customers When Selling Jewelry

The right questions will help you make the right jewelry recommendations.

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Gift shopping at a jewelry store can be pretty daunting, even more so when it’s for a special occasion like an anniversary or a proposal. Naturally, shoppers would want an expert’s opinion to make sure they’re making the right choice. Not everyone starts out as an expert though so this article is for newbie jewelers who need a little bit of guidance to help them guide their customers.

Here are some tips to help you pick out jewelry that anyone would be happy to showcase on their jewelry display stands.

It’s important to ask your buyers questions before making a recommendation, but what are the essential details you should know about?

The customer’s relationship to the receiver

Before recommending any piece of jewelry to your customer, ask first about their relationship to the receiver. While jewelry is typically seen as a romantic gift, it is also a popular gift choice for family members and even between close friends so you better be clear about who would end up receiving the purchase.

The gift’s purpose

Remember also to ask about the purpose of the gift so you can make the appropriate recommendation. For instance, shopping for a regular birthday gift is entirely different from shopping for an engagement ring so asking for this information beforehand will help.

The receiver’s personal style

Taking into consideration the receiver’s personal style preference is a wise move to ensure the right jewelry pieces are recommended.

Like clothes, jewelry styles are diverse. Depending on their size, design, and colors, jewelry can say a lot about the wearer’s mood or intention so it is important the gift giver takes these into consideration. On the part of the jeweler, knowing this crucial information would help them pick out the pieces to recommend to their customers.

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The receiver’s skin tone

Buying jewelry is a lot like buying makeup – you need to make sure the color of the item matches the user’s skin tone.

Gemstones and metals in yellow and orange shades look great on warm skin tones. Meanwhile, those with cool skin tones are best suited to wear blue and purple gemstones or white metals like silver.

The customer’s budget

It’s important to know your customer’s budget for their purchase, but do be careful when discussing this issue. Instead of asking your customer outright if he/she is on a budget, you can instead ask for a price range to help you suggest the appropriate jewelry pieces.


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