5 Strategies for Setting Up Your Ring Display

Make the most of your store’s ring collection with these helpful tips.

Close up of a gold ring with a pink gemstone.

Setting up a ring display – or any jewelry display for that matter – is not just the simple act of putting pieces of jewelry together. It requires intention and technique to make sure you are creating something that will be inviting to customers. The setup you create should be able to highlight the beauty of your collection. Follow the tips below and learn how to create a ring display that will “wow” anyone.

Use the correct lighting techniques

Your choice of lighting can make or break your setup. When you place them at the right angle, bright lights help bring out the sparkle in jewelry. In terms of lighting options, LED lights are your best bet. They do an excellent job of illuminating jewelry, plus it is an energy-efficient light source.

Hit the right angles

Speaking of angles, diamond rings in the round brilliant cut should have its light source at a 45-degree angle to show off its brilliance at all sides. Pay close attention to placement to avoid casting shadows.

Go with solid colors

You would want your rings to pop out so avoid intricate patterns and garish designs in your setup. Not only that but going minimalist would look better aesthetically as you can avoid having clashing prints on your setup. Don’t use anything that will detract attention away from the jewelry.

A tree branch-style jewelry display.

Decide on a theme

While going simple is the best way to go to set up your ring display, it doesn’t mean you can forego a theme for your setup. You can base your jewelry display on a theme that makes sense for your collection as well as your store. You can add a few props based on your chosen theme or concept, but don’t forget the tip before this one: go with solid colors and keep things simple.

Avoid showing price tags

Make sure price tags don’t show up on any of your jewelry display setups. Hide them or take them out altogether just remember to have attentive staff on hand at all times that people can ask about the prices.


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