How to Create Jewelry Displays that Generate Sales

Build a successful business around your jewelry displays.

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Smart retailers know that how they display their merchandise can have a lot of effect on their store’s earnings. It is no different for jewelry shops. Jewelers must find a way to make sure they are creating interesting setups that entice and eventually encourage their customers to buy what they are selling.

In this article, we would look at the various techniques to make sure your necklace display stands and other jewelry display setups are generating sales for your store.

Create visuals that entice shoppers

Jewelry by itself is beautiful but you still need to add a little bit of flair to your retail display space to make sure you are attracting buyers. Choosing the right tools and accents can go far when you’re trying to set up a profitable jewelry display.

You must always remember that your jewelry collection must be the star of your display and nothing else, so avoid prints and patterns that clash with your merchandise. Instead, use complementary colors to highlight the beauty of your jewelry pieces.

When it comes to using props, make sure they match the jewelry and theme that you are aiming for. Never let them overpower your merchandise so limit them to just a few pieces.

Speaking of props, you must always have mirrors around your store so that shoppers can try out your items.

A jewelry display nook with necklace display busts and earring holders.

Avoid overcrowding your jewelry displays

Speaking of overpowering, remember that less is more when it comes to creating jewelry displays that generate sales so avoid displaying too many pieces altogether.

You can create small nooks around your store to make sure you are able to showcase all your items. You may group them according to type, colors, or themes, but make sure they still blend well with each other and to your store’s overall look. You can also create interest by using varying heights and jewel display tools to showcase your merchandise. When style and care is taken into account, a necklace display can be used next to a bracelet ramp display, just as an earring display stand can be used alongside a ring riser.

Choose a flattering light source

Lighting is another tool you can use to amp up your displays. The right light and its placement will certainly make your jewelry merchandise brighter and much more beautiful. You can place your lights above your products or if you’re using jewelry glass cases, you can place your lights inside. Make sure though that their location does not cast a shadow on the jewelry so that shoppers can have a clear view of what you’re selling. Likewise, as mentioned in the article, How to Care for Precious Stones and Minerals, some jewelry pieces need to be away from heat to maintain their beauty, so go for LED lights as a lighting source as they are cooler and a much more energy-efficient solution that regular bulbs.

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Get to know your customers

Knowing what sparks your customers’ interest can help a lot when creating a jewelry display setup for your store. To do this, you can check out past sales and see which products were popular with your customers. You can then use this information to see which products you should highlight in your displays.

Beyond this, make sure you’re providing a great service to your customers so you can be assured of repeat visitations and buyers. Aside from creating a retail space that’s cozy and enticing, the way you and your staff treats customers determines whether your store succeeds or not, so take these tips to heart and good luck!


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