Jewelry Display Types by Material

Learn your jewelry display options in this helpful guide.

A pair of earrings in a red velvet box.

We’ve already shown you the different jewelry display types you can use for showcasing and storing your precious jewelry collection. Now, learn more about the different materials used in these jewel display tools to help you make the best choices whether you’re a collector or a business owner.

A wooden jewelry display stand for earrings.

Wood Jewelry Displays

Wood jewelry displays give off an earthy vibe, perfect for costume jewelry with traditional beadings and designs. It is a versatile material as it is widely used in various types of jewelry displays, such as earring displays (shown here), bracelet and bangle displays, necklace displays, and ring displays. You can also find wood as the primary material in jewelry storage tools such as boxes and stands.

For its versatility and excellent craftmanship, wood jewelry displays make for an excellent choice when shopping for jewelry display and storage solutions.

A pink and gold metal jewelry display stand.

Metal Jewelry Displays

For their elegant look, coupled with a firm and sturdy frame, you won’t go wrong with choosing metal jewelry displays for your merchandise or personal collection. Like the wood type, metal jewelry displays can be fashioned into intricate designs that add beauty to your jewelry. Not only that, but metal jewelry displays are strong and can hold heavier kinds of jewelry. Depending on its design, metal jewelry displays are great to show off your earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and rings.

A wooden ring case with clear glass top.

Glass Jewelry Displays

This type of jewelry display is probably the first thing you see whenever you visit a jeweler. Because it allows a clear, see-through view of the merchandise, glass jewelry displays are used in many retail stores. They range from large upright cases to top-view glass chest cases. You can also find glass in small jewelry display tools, such as this ring case with a glass top.

A jewelry display bust made in black plastic.

Plastic Jewelry Displays

Another versatile material used in jewelry displays is plastic. Just like wood and metal, it can be shaped into various forms to perfectly accentuate the beauty of the jewelry. Like in this case, plastic was molded to be used as a bust to showcase a necklace and earring.

Three pieces of acrylic ring platforms/risers.

Acrylic Jewelry Displays

Like glass jewelry displays, acrylic is made out of see-through material which makes it a great choice to display your collection. It is also a versatile material and has been used in ring platforms (as shown here), earring and bracelet racks, and rotating stands.

Let’s move on to fabric materials.

A ring jewelry displayer in burlap.


Made from the skin of the jute plant, burlap is a woven fabric that is used as material for jewelry displays. It is also used to make sacks, rugs, bags, and carpets. It offers an interesting dimension to ordinary jewelry displays by using the woven fabric as covering.

A ring with a pink stone, set in place by a ring holder.

Leather/Faux Leather

For a slick and luxurious look, why not go for leather? There’s also faux leather if you’re looking for a vegan option. You can find this as lining for jewelry boxes and cases, or as fabric for various jewelry displays such as this ring holder.

A necklace holder in black velvet, displaying a necklace.


This soft textile adds a layer of sophistication to any jewelry display. You can find it primarily used in necklace holders, ring holders, and in bracelet and watch displayers. Do take extra care with this material as it requires regular dusting and gentle cleaning to maintain its quality.

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