Jewelry Display and Storage Tips for the Home

How to care for your precious jewelry collection.

Close-up of a woman's hand while wearing a diamond ring.

What’s the secret to making your jewelry collection last long and stay beautiful? Ask any serious jewelry lover that question and they would tell you that proper storage and safekeeping will ensure that your collection will last for years. Now if you’re just starting to build your collection, then you’ve come to the right place! Let this short article help you discover jewelry display and storage techniques.

An opened softly-lined jewelry display organizer.

Jewelry display cases with soft lining are your best bets

Remember that jewelry, especially those with pieces of gemstones are pretty fragile and can easily be scratched if stored improperly. For storage, we recommend jewelry organizers that have soft fabric lining to avoid damage. Make sure there are enough compartments for each item so that they don’t rub off on each other. For those items that are particularly delicate, like pearls, better keep them in their pouches for safety.

Avoid direct sunlight and humidity

Certain pieces are sensitive to heat and sunlight which can lead to early deterioration and dullness so it’s best to store them away from these conditions. Make sure also to keep them away from moisture to maintain their quality. Using an airtight container in a cool, dry place is the most ideal solution.

Separate your jewelry pieces by type

If you have a diverse jewelry collection, it’s best to look at their type and qualities to determine the best way to store them. Avoid mixing up pieces or piling them on top of another as different types may need different storage techniques.

Jewelry may be classified into two:

Brightly-colored costume jewelry and beads.

Costume Jewelry

These are made with inexpensive material and are often used as part of everyday wear. While many of this kind try to mimic the look of fine jewelry, they’re not made from real gems and metals. They’re okay to keep around on countertops for easy access. You may go for jewelry displays with a decorative flair to add character to your interiors.

You might also hear the term “fashion jewelry” being used to refer to this type of jewelry.

A man and woman in soft focus, with a close-up of the woman's hand showing off her ring.

Fine Jewelry

For special occasions, you won’t go wrong with wearing fine jewelry. These are made from real precious stones and metals, and naturally, they also come with expensive price tags. They are more than just accessories but investments, so they must be stored safely away from prying eyes. Aside from keeping them in jewelry boxes and organizers, hiding them in a safe is recommended. For added peace of mind, getting jewelry insurance will help protect you from loss and damage.

On the other hand, different types of jewelry may also require specific display and storage requirements:

An easel-type necklace holder used for displaying jewelry.

For Necklaces

To avoid knots or getting them all tangled up, you must hang your necklaces vertically and separately. You may choose from jewelry display stands with hooks or easel-type necklace holders with carvings to keep your pieces in place.

A rotating jewelry display stand in metal for dangling earrings.

For Earrings

Your choice of jewelry display and storage tool will depend on the type of earrings you have. Stud earrings are best stored in individual cushioned cases while dangling earrings are best suited for stands where they can hang freely.

A multi-tier jewelry display stand made in wood.

For Bracelets and Bangles

You can choose a multi-tier jewelry display stand, such as the one shown here, or go for a rack or boxed tray to store away your collection of bracelets and bangles.

A tabletop jewelry display stand for rings.

For Rings

A tabletop ring display stand, like the one shown, can make for a cool and interesting jewelry display tool. For safekeeping, individual boxes are your best bets.

A pair of pouch bags in burlap used to store gemstones.

For Individual Stones

Keep them away from the elements by storing them in pouches or by using individual boxes. Doing so not only protects your stones from damage, but it also helps in keeping them organized.

Don’t forget to clean your organizers and holders

Your chosen jewelry display or storage tool must also be kept clean so it can perform its job well of keeping your jewelry collection safe and beautiful. Depending on the material, there are different cleaning techniques you can apply to your organizers.

Now that you have an idea of what to use for storing your jewelry collection, have a look at Nile Corp's wide-selection of jewelry display tools and organizers and pick the ones that suit your needs.


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