Best Ways to Use Hand Displays

Add some unique quality to your jewelry display with these hand-shaped displays.

Best Ways to Use Hand Displays |

Aside from the traditional necklace display busts and t-bar displays, hand displays are also classic pieces to showcase jewelry. They come in many elegant designs that can easily catch any passers-by attention. If you haven't tried using this particular display in your shop, it's time you try. And with that said, we came up with the four best ways on how to use hand displays in your shop.

Choose one that has many display options.

Be unique by using hand displays that has many display options |

If you really want your shop to be different from the others, choose hand displays that can either be placed on the tabletop or mounted on the wall. Displaying them in different ways allow for a unique style, which will make customers remember your shop.

Use different colors.

Add a variety of style by using hand displays of different colors |

Another way to cut through the noise is to use one style of hand display but of different colors. Adding a variety gives your display a fun, and welcoming vibe, versus using just one color. This tip is also perfect for minimalist pieces; to allow them to stand out even more.

Make the most out of it.

Hand displays can showcase rings, bracelets, and necklaces |

Some people think that hand displays are only for rings. But they can also hold bracelets and even necklaces. Use this feature to save more space and allow it to hold as many as it can.

Choose one with the right height.

You can create texture by using hand displays of varying heights |
If you plan to showcase necklaces, use a hand display with a taller height. Otherwise, it won’t look too pleasing to the eye. As long as the necklace hangs freely, it should be fine. You can also use multiple ones of varying heights to create a layered look. Doing so also adds texture to your display.


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