How to Display Girls’ Jewelry

Here are some tips on how you can pique the interest of younger customers

How to Display Girls’ Jewelry

Little ladies love to mimic their mommies. And if their moms like to wear fashion jewelry, odds are, they are into accessories too. So if you are a jewelry shop offering jewelry pieces for young girls, then this article is for you. This week, we’ll be providing a few simple jewelry display tips to increase your sales in the girls' jewelry department.

Use jewelry displays in pastel colors.

Shop pastel-colored wholesale jewelry displays.

Pastel colors are soft to the eyes and are appealing to young girls. This is especially the case with pink, purple, and blue. That said, use a necklace display, an earring display, and other jewelry holders and stands in these young and fun colors. Also, make sure that the designs don’t look too sophisticated. Go with the jewelry displays with simple designs.

Decorate your display with things little girls love.

Jojo Siwa is a favorite among young girls all over the world

What catches young girls’ eyes? Toys, of course, which includes dolls and famous cartoon characters they love. Do your research on what your young target market likes to watch on TV -- this could be My Little Pony, Barbie, or even Jojo Siwa. Use these characters as inspiration for your jewelry display or jewelry sets. To avoid problems with copyright infringement, avoid using real photos and instead create your own versions.

Place them in a strategic position.

Place kids jewelry display near the ladies section or the checkout counter

If you want the girls to see them, place your kids' jewelry display next to ladies' accessories. That way, when moms shop with her daughters, the latter would be able to see the display. Another strategic location is to place some near the checkout area of your shop. These items will catch the eye of the girls and urge their moms to buy them a piece or two.

Use pastel-colored packaging.

Use pastel-colored jewelry packaging for girls' jewelry pieces

As with the displays, you have to make sure to package the girls’ jewelry pieces in equally fun packaging. Use pastel-colored jewelry boxes or drawstring pouches to keep the pieces safe from scratches. If these are not available, you can use pastel-colored paper bags instead. Jewelry packaging makes an impact on a customer’s shopping experience, regardless of age.


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