A 5-Point Checklist for Online Jewelry Business Owners

Now is the perfect time to make your mark on the internet.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has upended daily commerce, changing the way people buy and sell things. For months, people relied solely on online shopping platforms to get their needs. This has opened opportunities for entrepreneurs, small and large alike, to sell their merchandise on the internet.

Jewelers were no different. Many brick and mortar jewelry shops also opened their own online stores to go where the buyers were. At present, while stay-at-home restrictions vary across states, many sellers are staying put online.

As online sellers ourselves, we know the challenges they face on the internet. That’s why we’ve put together this checklist to help jewelry entrepreneurs find success in this vast market landscape.

1. Make sure customers can find you online

Securing a store location and putting up signage is how brick and mortars announce their presence in the market, but how about businesses online?

On the internet, businesses find space by getting indexed by a search engine. Because people use platforms such as Google to look up any information, it is a must to have your business included in its listings. But that’s not all ー mere inclusion on the world’s go-to search engine is not enough. You need to make sure your website can be found on the engine’s first page results to capture your target audience. Investing in search engine optimization (SEO) will solve that issue.

2. Review your site’s navigation

Making sure you are on search engines so that potential buyers can find you online is one thing; checking to see if your own products are easy to find inside your website is another. It helps to periodically review your interface, as well as the process that goes into buying your items to see if they are easy or hard to get around with.

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3. Have an active presence on social media

For many businesses, especially those that started during the pandemic, social media is where they first found their footing. If that’s the case for your jewelry business, now’s not the time to slack off. People are online a lot these days so you shouldn’t miss out on building your presence on social media.

4. Create images that aim to entice and inspire

Speaking of establishing your social media presence, jewelry businesses should target those that are photo-heavy like Instagram and Pinterest, but sites like Facebook are good too. Make sure to take beautiful pictures of your merchandise so people can see what you’re selling. Don’t be afraid to be as creative as much as you want with these photos! A great concept partnered with the right jewelry display tools and props helps deliver the sales you need. Check out our latest offerings of easels and stands which you can incorporate to your photoshoots when promoting your products on social media and on your website.

There’s another perk to producing fantastic images for your brand. Great photos get republished, making it an effective form of word-of-mouth marketing. Likewise, on Pinterest where images are shared by users, this also adds SEO juice to your website helping you rank better on search engines.

5. Take a good look at your reviews

People say a lot online, and they have a lot to say if a product is good or not. Taking the time to read reviews left by your customers is a great way to check whether you’re delivering what you promised or not. Think of it as a form of customer service for your public and use it to thank them for their support or resolve issues they may have with your jewelry merchandise.

We want each and every one of our customers to succeed in business. That’s why we remain committed to our promise to only deliver top-notch jewelry display tools to the market. Have a look to see what we have to offer today.


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