Storage Tips for the Home Jeweler

Find everything you need in a flash with these helpful suggestions.

Scattered colorful beads.

Making jewelry is a great way to hone a skill and earn from it at the same time. It’s an easy enough hobby that both the young and old can surely get into, making it a nice bonding activity for the family. Be that as it may, this craft also requires a ton of patience, dedication, and discipline for the maker. Because it involves tiny parts and several tools to perform, it requires a keen eye and an organized mind to keep everything together.

Let us help you find an easy way to organize your jewelry-making tools and materials.

Sort your beads and stones by type and size

The simplest way to keep track of your materials is to sort the same types together. Group together beads, shells, and gemstones separately. You can then further sort them into color and size. Use small containers to separate each which would make finding them a lot easier once you start working on your jewelry projects. You can also go for large organizers but make sure they have compartments which are essential when sorting your things. Make sure they have locks in place so your beads and stones don’t spill out.

The same advice applies to your other items such as stringing materials, findings, and jewelry display tools. Choose the right containers depending on their size and function when storing these things. Once inspiration strikes, having an organized system with your belongings would make finding what you need a lot easier.

Pick clear holders for easy discovery

Speaking of inspiration, it can absolutely strike anytime and it'll be best to act on it as soon as you can. One thing you can do to help you start on your project quickly has something to do with your choice of containers. A clear storage organizer or tray lets you find your materials easily so those types would be our recommendations.

Beaded necklace hanging from a plant.

Label your things once they are sorted and contained

Aside from picking clear containers, you can also put labels on each respective container to help you easily find or keep track of your jewelry-making materials. You can do it yourself using a printer, markers, and sticker papers, or you can get yourself a label maker for this project.

Make sure everything you need is within your reach

Once you’ve organized your stuff, it makes sense to have a designated work area at home dedicated to jewelry making. This would be your workspace where you make your jewelry creations and where all your jewelry-making tools are found. Arrange things neatly and within your reach to make the creation process a worry-free experience for you.

We recommend a large enough desk for you to work on and which you will designate as your crafting space. It should be large enough for you to easily reach for your tools, supplies, and displayers (earring stands, necklace display boards, trinket dishes, etc.)

Crafting supplies (a pair of scissors, pins, clips) displayed and shot flatlay-style.

Keep an inventory of your materials

This will help you keep track of your supplies that need replenishing or if anything goes missing or misplaced. You can do this manually or electronically for easier recording. Then, once you’ve found out that you need new tools for your craft, you can check out Nile Corp to see our offerings for jewelry makers.


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