Display Ideas for Men's Jewelry

Guys shop for their own jewelry too. Here are ways to capture their attention.

A man in a purple tank top with his head down.

While women are primarily the audience for jewelry marketers, in recent years men have become a viable market for these luxury items. They’re no longer just buying engagement rings for their partners, but they’re also buying precious jewelry for themselves.

That’s why we came up with this article to help jewelers come up with the right jewelry display setup to attract male shoppers.

Go for masculine design elements

You may begin with color selection. Go for dark shades like gray, navy blue, or black as base colors when deciding on retail display setups for your jewelry shop. With most men’s jewelry lean towards simple cuts and minimalist designs, you wouldn’t have to worry about your merchandise clashing with your chosen colors.

You can also add patterns to your display to give it a masculine vibe. Your best bets are patterns with straight lines such as stripes or tartan plaid.

Stylish man wearing glasses and a black vest top.

Incorporate the right props to your design concepts

While items such as flowers suit retail spaces geared towards women, your choices for attracting male customers will definitely differ. Go for decors such as stoneware or pottery as accessories to dress up your jewelry merchandise.

When it comes to textures, (faux) leather is your best friend

Leatherware or even faux leather is a wise buy when it comes to shopping for the right jewelry display tools. It certainly ticks off the boxes for color and vibe if you’re trying to appeal to masculine tastes. Just take a look at this double T-bar display that’s made out of steel gray-colored faux leather:

Steel Gray Faux Leather Double T-Bar Display

Perfect for thick chainlink bracelets as well as watches, this particular T-bar display stand wouldn’t look out of place in a minimalist display.

Use a style aesthetic for inspiration

If you’re still stumped for ideas, why not look to a particular design aesthetic to inspire your display? 

  • Rustic

Look for those that will incorporate rugged props like those made out of wood and create something that's inspired by nature and the outdoors.

  • Preppy

As previously mentioned, patterns also work well with retail setups that cater to men. Using plaid as a base fabric, you can create a preppy, collegiate-inspired jewelry display featuring watches, cuff links, and rings. 

Single Antique Wood Ring Display
Single Antique Wood Ring Display*

  • Western

Think cowboys, Texas, and country music; throw in a pair of boots and leather accessories, and then you’ll have a retail setup that is sure to appeal to guys who are fans of this aesthetic.

*Available on the Nile Corp website.


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