Jewelry Display 101: The Different Types of Jewelry Displays

See the different jewelry display setups that you could use for your store.

A wooden jewelry display stand with different-colored accessories hanging.

An important part of operating a retail store is to make sure that you are presenting your merchandise in a way that’ll make them interesting to potential buyers. We’ve previously talked about jewelry display techniques to increase sales, now let’s talk about the different types of jewelry displays that will help you showcase your jewelry items in the best light possible. 

A mannequin-type jewelry display stand with blue fabric and yellow stars print.

Jewelry Display Mannequins

Think of them as miniature versions of the mannequins in clothing stores. They are meant to hold bracelets and necklaces and come in different styles and fabrics. Their fun and quirky appeal make them the perfect accent for your store.

A metal jewelry display rack with a gold bird accent on top.

Jewelry Display Racks

Keep your dangling items tangle-free with these rack-type jewelry displays. Likewise, its rotating base also makes browsing easy for customers. The addition of design accents, such as the gold bird in this photo, makes it a great pick when you’re shopping for jewelry displays.

A 5-piece hexagon jewelry display risers with rings on top.

Jewelry Display Risers

Playing around with balance is a way to create interesting display setups for your store. Go ahead and experiment with these risers to see which designs you can come up with, just make sure that each piece would complement each other to avoid clutter.

A slat wall-type jewelry display pad with a necklace, a pair of earrings, and ring displayed.

Slat-Wall Jewelry Displays

If you want to maximize your store’s space, slat-wall displays are the way to go. Choose from different types like the bust, easel (shown here), and t-bar to create interesting placements that will attract buyers.

A wooden single-tiered T-Bar jewelry display, with bangles displayed.

T-Bar Jewelry Displays

Perfect for bracelets, anklets, and hoop earrings, the t-bar design is a popular retail display solution. Depending on its make and material (wood, metal, plastic, burlap, acrylic/single or multi-tiered), it is versatile and fits right in with different store themes and seasons.

A black velvet bracelet ramps with a pair of bracelets laid for display.

Bracelet Ramps

Showcase the full beauty of your bracelets with these half-moon shaped ramps. It’s perfect for close-up inspections over countertops or one-on-one presentations.

A decorative shoe-shaped ring jewelry display.

Ring Displays

There are a lot of styles to choose from this group. This one designed like a shoe is perfect for stores with festive or romantic themes. There are also designs that are much more simple like ring pads and easels.

An 18-piece champagne pink jewelry display set.

Jewelry Display Set/Combination Displays

It is also possible to combine different jewelry display styles to create a beautiful and elegant set such as this one. This is the way to go if you are trying to highlight particular pieces of jewelry in your collection. Remember to pair it with the right light placement to highlight their beauty and sparkle.

These are just some of the many jewelry display setups you can find in Nile Corp’s collection. Visit our site today to see what we have to offer.

Next month, we’ll look at the different materials used in jewelry displays.


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