Jewelry Selling 101: Techniques for Selling Luxury Jewelry

A helpful guide for everyone involved in the jewelry business.

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There are sales techniques that work across the board, but it is true that different niches and industries will require specialized selling skills. That’s because different products will attract different buyers with different purchasing powers. Luxury items which jewelry is part of will require some different technical know-how than when one is trying to sell fast food, for example. 

It all starts with the enticing window showcase seen outdoors. The aim is to attract passersby to take a peek and maybe browse around the jewelry store. From the moment a potential customer enters the establishment, upon seeing the jewelry display sets on showcase, and as said customer calls to a sales associate to inquire about a particular item then the whole selling process begins.

You might say that selling luxury begins with the jewelry store’s ambiance. Pleasant atmospherics can certainly affect how a customer decides on whether to purchase an item and if you’re trying to sell luxury then your jewelry business must certainly reflect that. Likewise, the next steps are just as crucial.

We’ve put together this article to help anyone who reads this who is involved in the jewelry industry the best techniques and ideas in selling luxury and glamor to their buying public.

Build your customers’ trust

Buyers of luxury goods have a discerning taste. They aim to spend with not much regard to the expenses. They may be long-time collectors and have amassed quite an extensive knowledge of the items they are in the market for. They are self-assured, so those facing them must be ready to answer questions and provide the best options.

Start by building their trust by knowing the product on sale from top to bottom. Go beyond the 5Cs (color, cut, carat weight, clarity, confidence/certification). At this point, most luxury buyers already know them down pat and have done their part in researching. What you need is a supportive ear that is willing to listen to what they are looking for and for you to provide them with the best recommendations.

Be ready with anecdotes

There’s also the matter of knowing how to relay a story that will capture the potential customer’s interest. While a nice jewelry display will attract the eye of a jewelry shopper, the stories that come with the particular piece may just be the one to close the deal.

Put the spotlight on the craftsmanship involved in the piece’s creation, then find unique selling points that will make it a lot more interesting to the buyer. In this scenario, the exclusivity of the jewelry item matters a lot.

Highlight the product’s value

This is what happens once you’ve shone the spotlight on the technical details of the product and you’ve also shared interesting and thoughtful stories related to the item on hand. It adds to the perceived value which can fetch the business a good deal.

The truth of the matter is, some luxury shoppers will still make the attempt to get an item for a lower price, but if the salesperson is skilled enough, then they should be able to get the buyer to agree on a price that’s fair for both the customer and the shop.

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Provide comfort and cater to the buyer’s needs

The demographic that patronizes luxury goods are accustomed to a certain kind of service ー namely, it should be premium and more importantly customized to address their whims and wants. Keeping attuned to their desires is the key. Again, remember that they already know quite a bit about the item they are shopping for. What you need to pay attention to are their personal specifications in order to  provide the best recommendations from your store’s collection. Certainly, a little bit of charm to build rapport with customers won’t hurt.

For especially high-end jewelry shops, the catering doesn’t stop during the selling and presentation part of the process. Premium services such as private viewings, exclusive lounge areas, and the serving of refreshments and treats are often offered to truly make the shopping experience a relaxing experience for their clients.

Appearance and personal presentation matters

Your jewelry displays aren’t the only ones that should be impeccably put together. Front facing staff members should also be polished in appearance and should reflect the luxurious branding that the jewelry store is trying to achieve.

Company dress codes may be fine-tuned a bit to suit the prevailing standards in different parts of the nation. To illustrate, suits may come off too formal in tropical and beachside jewelry stores, however, collared shirts are just fine. 

The key here is to keep up a chic appearance that reflects well on the business’ image.


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