5 Jewelry Event Planning Tips for the 2021 Holiday Season

Things you must remember because there are still plenty of reasons to celebrate and be thankful for.

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Planning on throwing a holiday event for your store? With careful planning and strict compliance with existing health protocols, there’s no reason not to have one this 2021. This requires a bit of flexibility on the part of jewelry retailers to make sure everything goes hitch-free.

Events such as product/campaign launches, company banquets, or year-enders are common during this period. The COVID-19 pandemic though has made the holding of such events challenging to all retailers. As many jewelry businesses pivoted to taking on the omnichannel approach to their operations, it’s natural for retail holiday events to go the same route. Successfully holding an event in this day and age means thinking of ways to hold it on and offline.

1. Set the festive holiday mood early on.

Days into the festivities, make sure you’re already setting up your jewelry store to imbibe the holiday season’s atmosphere. Even if you decide to scale down your in-person celebrations this year, you have to make sure your jewelry shop is still well-decorated for the holiday. Because buyers will be stopping by to purchase presents for their loved ones, you owe it to them that your business reflects Christmas’ festive cheer. 

Start by dressing up your window display with a great Christmas theme to entice more folks to come to visit your store. In fact, why not use your event’s theme as a template for decorating this year? A “Winter Wonderland”-themed banquet, for example, would mean decorating your store with blue and snow decorations. For your shop’s jewelry display showcase, why not turn the spotlight on your diamond items which very much resemble icicles? You can then pair them up with display stands and easels in blue.

2. Be ready for sudden changes in your event’s plans.

With the ever-changing situation of our current health crisis, it’s possible that some form of restrictions may again be set in place. Limits to how many guests can attend a public gathering mean you need to make adjustments to how your event will be conducted. 

You can still choose to have a small gathering at your physical store while streaming it for your online followers to enjoy. Raffle draws, small performances, and short talks may still be included in the lineup without affecting the program flow both online and offline.

3. For added safety, choose an open-air venue for your event.

While this is not a viable option for all states as the temperatures dip in many parts of the country, for those who can, an outdoor venue is your best bet. Holding your jewelry store’s event outdoors is a safer option as the open space and ventilation help halt the spread of the airborne virus. Besides that, you can also require guests to keep their face masks all the time for everyone’s safety.

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4. Host a Christmas-themed online jewelry showcase. 

To further minimize your and your staff’s health risk, you can choose to have an online-only event. We’ve seen it time and again this year where various brands and personalities have conducted online shows to maintain contact with their fans. You can do the same with an online trunk show. Take this as an opportunity to present the styles and trends you will be highlighting for the coming year. 

In order that your presentation is a success, make sure to invest in props, setups, and jewelry display tools that will showcase your merchandise in the most beautiful way possible. The set design must be impeccable so you need to reach out to a production staff whose vision aligns with yours.

5. Skip the holiday gathering this year and pick a charity to support this Christmas instead.

You can forego all this event preparation by changing your jewelry shop’s holiday activity this 2021. Instead of hosting a gathering, why not support a charity and make it your jewelry shop’s Christmas event this year? Make it a more meaningful celebration by sharing your blessings for those who are in need. You can still make the public become part of this activity by sharing clips and stories on social media of how you came to choose the recipient.

In a year full of upheavals, isn't it nice that we can still hold on to our old traditions to bring comfort into our lives? Thanks to technology, we can still continue celebrating the holiday season, albeit in a way that keeps everyone's safety in mind. 

From all of us here at Nile Corp, we wish you a Merry Christmas!


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