How To Clean Your Metal Jewelry Display Stands

…Because your metal displays need some TLC too.

#COP3693-1 Metal Jewelry Display Organizer Stand
#COP3693-1 Metal Jewelry Display Organizer Stand*

Once you’ve gotten your hands on a metal jewelry display tool, you need to make sure to do everything you can to make them last long. Whether you will be using it for personal or business use, there are measures you can take to keep them in tip-top shape for years to come. One of which is keeping them spot-free.

When your goal is to present your jewelry in the best way possible, their displayers should also remain as pristine as the accessories they are showcasing. Over time, scratches and tarnishing will happen if metals are left on their own. It doesn’t matter if it is a necklace display stand or an earring tower ー regular upkeep is a must and a part of being a jewelry display owner. 

The good news is that it doesn’t take much to take good care of your tools as this article will show. For now, have a look at these cleaning tips for metal jewelry displays.

A collection of wooden toothbrushes.

What you will need:

Cleaning Tools:

  • Soft cloth
  • Brushes with soft bristles
  • Duster

Important things to remember!

The keyword here when choosing which cleaning tool to pick is soft. Metal may be tough but they need a gentle touch during clean up so avoid items that are too abrasive to prevent adding damage to your metal jewelry displays.

Cleaning Materials/Detergents:

  • Liquid soap/Dish washing liquid
  • Metal polish
  • Lemon juice
  • White vinegar
  • Table salt

Important things to remember!

For the items listed here made specifically for cleaning, make sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions before use. If it is your first time to use a particular brand or clean any one of your jewelry displays, try to test first on a hidden part of the display first to see how it reacts to the substance. Discontinue its use if a bad reaction is observed.

Additionally, depending on the finish and the material, there are several ways to clean your jewelry display tools that are made out of metal:

The cleaning methods:

Important things to remember!

It’s important to give your tools a quick wipe to remove dust and other particles before the more thorough cleaning steps outlined here. In fact, it’s always a good idea to do a weekly dusting of your jewelry display to keep them spot-free. 

Rust also needs to be attended to right away as it can easily spread if left alone. Likewise, give your tools a polish once they start losing their luster. Again, you must remove the dust first before doing the said procedures.

#COP3700 Gold Color T-bar Jewelry Stand Organizer
#COP3700 Gold Color T-bar Jewelry Stand Organizer*


Luxurious and so elegant to look at, these displays are beauties by themselves which makes them all the more needed to be kept clean and pristine alongside your jewelry collection. Thankfully, cleaning them is a breeze. Simply mix a little bit of liquid soap or dish washing liquid to warm water and give the display a quick soak in the mixture. Afterwards, give the item a rinse in clean water then dry off with a soft clean cloth. 

#COP4026 Metal Harp Shaped Jewelry Display Hanger Stand
#COP4026 Metal Harp Shaped Jewelry Display Hanger Stand*


Now, cleaning copper needs some specialized process depending on its finish. Copper displays that come with a lacquered finish can be cleaned up with warm soapy water. If you feel the need to brush the jewelry display then it’s best to stick to a soft-bristled brush. For drying, simply wipe with a dry soft cloth, best if it’s lint-free.

For unlacquered copper, you need to visit your kitchen or refrigerator for your tools. Get a piece of lemon which you will cut in half. Next, dip the part that contains the pulp into salt. Make sure this side is sufficiently covered with salt because you will be using it to shine your copper jewelry display. What you need to do is to rub the lemon on the copper surface of your display. Use a circular motion while rubbing. It is advisable also to give the lemon a little squeeze to release more juice and reapply the salt if needed. Once you are satisfied, simply rinse the piece under warm running water. Afterwards, use a clean cloth for drying. Finally, use a second cloth to buff and polish the copper surface until you have restored shine.


When it comes to your silver tools, store-bought silver polishers are a good buy. You just need to be ready with your cloth for wiping and polishing.

#COP13579 Metal Wire Hook Display Stand
#COP13579 Metal Wire Hook Display Stand*


Again, just like with copper, all you need is a quick check into your kitchen pantry to find the tools you will need. To remove hard water spots which look unsightly on chrome surfaces, you need to mix a solution containing half white vinegar and half water. Simply soak a sponge or a soft-bristled brush into the solution then use your tool to clean up the spots on the chrome surface. For spots that are especially hard to remove, you may use a 100% vinegar solution. Once it’s clean, rinse the display in water then let dry and buff using a soft microfiber cloth. 

Follow these tips and your jewelry displays will soon be pristine again and sparkling in no time.

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