6 Mantras Every Jewelry Entrepreneur Must Remember

Take the time to gather your thoughts and focus on the reasons why you do the things you do.

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It’s been more than a year since our lives were upended by the COVID-19 virus. With lockdowns, closures, and uncertainty looming for a majority of the time, it is understandable for anyone to feel scattered and lost. While the arrival of vaccines offered a ray of hope, many are still looking at ways to recapture that once bright spark in their life and in their careers. We’re certain that you may have felt the same.

You may be surrounded by beautiful creations showcased on jewelry display devices every day as a jewelry entrepreneur but, let’s be honest, finding joy in those lovely pieces may have been hard to come by as of late. If you’re one of the many looking to recharge your passions for the craft, then this article would be of huge help to you. 

1. “I believe I can make my goals happen.”

The great thing about entrepreneurship is that you are in the driver’s seat and you can take it where you want to go. 

In the beginning, the planning part is the most exciting phase. Here’s where you plot out what jewelry merchandise, what jewelry display tools you would be using, what your physical store would look like, or if you are an online seller which platforms and website design you will be using, etc. Sure there will be missteps even if you’ve done everything by the book but just trust the process. Believe that your plans and goals will come to fruition.

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2. “I am made of tough stuff.”

Just like the precious gems that adorn your jewelry merchandise, businesspeople are by nature known to be strong and resilient. This is because starting out on your own to launch a shop or service takes guts, so always remember that when facing challenges. You’ve already surpassed a big hurdle just by choosing to become your own boss, so give yourself credit on especially difficult days and believe that you can overcome the things that come your way.

3. “I will welcome each day with positivity.”

It always helps to have an optimistic outlook each time you start your workday. Treat each as a blessing and an opportunity to share your talents and help folks find their most cherished jewelry pieces. Once you’ve gotten yourself into this, you’ll start to notice each day becomes easier to bear: you become a more amiable boss and/or colleague, you’re able to give your 100% with customer service, etc.

You can start out small by making affirmations and by using these mantras to start your day.

4. “I am gonna stop when my body tells me to stop.”

Once you’ve got a burst of energy and you reach your productivity’s peak, overexertion can only be the result. While it’s fine to push through from time to time, it’s best to listen to your body and rest once you’ve started to feel aches and pains. Certainly, there are days when the store is so busy that you couldn’t take a breather even for just a second. If you find these days begin to pile up, learn to let go when it becomes too much. Take a step back, pause, and let others take the reins for a while.

5. “I will celebrate my wins, both big and small.”

Nothing beats the everyday thrill of experiencing little wins during a slow workday. Did one of your supply orders arrive earlier than expected? Got a great response from a client about a product you sold them? Celebrate them because as small as they may seem these “little” happenings can eventually add up to a habit of developing gratitude. It’s been said that cultivating an “attitude of gratitude” helps put us in a better state mentally and physically and these days we all need that kind of boost. 

So give yourself a pat on the back and celebrate all your wins no matter what they are each day. Additionally, you can share the gift of gratitude with your employees by praising them for good works done. Oh, and it won’t hurt if you give them a little bonus or two.

6. “I am offering something of great value.”

But what if celebrating your wins still can’t bring positive feelings back into your life? It might help to think about what your business truly means to your customers. Try putting yourself in their shoes to see things from their perspective.

A typical day for you may mean presenting rings to prospective buyers, but to them, it’s the day when they pick out the engagement ring they will be presenting to the love of their lives. Ever had a customer come in for an engraving? That special service may truly mean something significant for them as they can finally own a personalized piece of jewelry.

When you see things from this angle you can truly say you’re doing something truly remarkable in the lives of your customers. When you start losing sight of your goals or you’re feeling unmotivated, just think of these things to keep yourself on track and focused on your business goals.

These are just some simple mantras and exercises for you to try out so you can recalibrate and keep steadfast on the days ahead. Always remember that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, so continue to chug on, and never stop.

We here at Nile Corp are always gonna be rooting for you. From inspirational articles to jewelry storage and display supplies, we make sure to provide the best products and services to help every jewelry business reach the top.


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