5 Jewelry Display Themes Based Around Social Media Holidays

Time to get viral with these concepts.

Pink and gold cutouts of hashtags.

Is it just us or does 2021 seem to zoom by like a bullet train? With time going by so fast these days, you might be feeling a bit rushed to come up with new marketing gimmicks for your store in the remaining months of the year. 

Fear not, as Nile Corp is here to help. Let’s look at the social media holidays which you can apply to your in-store and online campaigns.

1. Photo Wall

August 19. World Photo Day #WorldPhotoDay

Feed on nostalgia with this social media holiday that celebrates the art of photography. You may dedicate a space in your shop for picture-taking and have your customers pose for photos. Feel free to encourage those who will participate to use hashtags for the event to help spread the word about your shop online.

You can evoke the same feelings by setting up a jewelry display setup that includes picture frames or polaroids amongst the props. You may pair them up with the #WD1303-BR 3-Tiers Wooden Golden Aluminum Poles Jewelry Display Stand, a bracelet, and necklace display holder that makes for a great table-topper device.

2. Jungle (or any animal habitat of your choice) 

September 4. National Wildlife Day #NationalWildlifeDay

Bring the outdoors to your store with props and a setup that calls to mind the different habitats of animals. Think of the flora and fauna that appeals the most to you and try to incorporate them into the jewelry display theme. Leaves and flowers, both fake and real, can be used to recreate a meadow or forest. Wooden display tools such as the #WD7802BR Oval Shape Removable Wooden 2 Tiered Jewelry Bangle Bracelet Display would make for a good addition to such setup, while the #ND-2886V-ZR Black Zebra Print Necklace Display Stand can be counted on to bring the African savannah vibes to any of your concepts.

Top down shot of a person drinking coffee at an outdoor cafe.

3. Cafe/Coffee Shop

October 1. International Coffee Day #InternationalCoffeeDay

Beyond recreating a cafe setting at your store, why not make the experience interactive by actually having a barista make coffee for your customers? Imagining the aroma that will waft through your store on the day is enough to perk us up and make anyone’s mouths water. We certainly think product item #WD3015-CF 3-Tier Coffee Color Wood Stair Step Shelf Step Display Risers would certainly match such a concept.

4. Cake

November 26. National Cake Day #NationalCakeDay

Here’s another food-inspired theme to inspire you to make a delectable jewelry display setup. Think of pastel colors as a dominant color for this concept, so lots of baby blues and pinks calling to mind a child’s birthday party. You can even add in confetti and other party decors for added effect. We think item #COP3696 Metal Heart and Arrows Jewelry Display Organizer Stand would certainly fit in with this fun, perky display. As an added bonus, you can even give away cake slices as part of the celebrations.

5. A Time Period from the Past

December 8. Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day #PretendToBeATimeTravelerDay

Now this is a fun one as the possibilities are endless for this concept. Be as creative as you can be: call to mind Marie Antoinette with this frilly doll-like display (#NDF9048 Mini Doll Jewelry Display) or the Golden Era of Hollywood with this product, item #RD-0575-S50 Champagne Pink Leatherette Ring Display, a very elegant-looking display which will remind folks of great beauties of Hollywood’s past.

Don’t forget to document all of these festivities on your social media accounts so you can join in the celebrations online. Thanks to Hubspot for helping us come up with this article.


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