Your Top Must-Haves for Your Home Jewelry Workshop

Start this venture on the right foot with the right tools.

Girl working on a beaded jewelry.

Whether you’re doing it as a hobby or for profit, jewelry making is a fun pastime that the young and old can certainly indulge in. Not only is it a great way to bond with the family, but it also helps build one’s creativity, kinesthetic abilities, and mental alertness. Likewise, it’s a nice way to destress which we all need at this point in our lives. 

Once you have gotten the hang of the craft, you’ll definitely feel a sense of accomplishment once you start to pile up your jewelry display stands with your masterpieces.

If you haven’t started shopping for your tools yet then let this article be your shopping guide. First of all…

Designate an area in your home as your workstation

Depending on how ambitious you are about to be with this project, your workstation can be your existing dinner table. This is enough if you’re going to be working on a small project. However, if you’re doing it long-term and with a huge expected output, you may need a dedicated work table for your jewelry making. If you don’t have a crafts area, your best bet is to situate it in your garage, basement, or even a separate structure such as a work shed. This helps with your concentration and you will now have a workspace all your own. Most important factors when choosing your workstation? Make sure it is well-lit and well-ventilated for your comfort while you’re hard at work with your projects.

Choose a sturdy table and chair

Speaking of comfort, make sure your work table and chair are adjusted at the most comfortable relative to your health. Thankfully, work tables with adjustable heights are now available on the market. Now with a chair, of course, you would want one that’s comfortable as you will be spending plenty of time hunched over while working on your creations. It’s best to go one with one that’s also adjustable.

#BP294 Wooden Jewelry Bead Tool Organizer
#BP294 Wooden Jewelry Bead Tool Organizer*

Make sure you have the essential jewelry making tools on hand

First, be ready with an organizer that will keep things in place. This will ensure you can find the tools you need right away while you’re working on your desk. This organizer is good for your tools such as pliers, cutters, and saws. For your stringing materials and beads, look for storage devices with drawers, particularly one you can label so you can easily find your items. Once you have them ready, you may use this Craftsy list as a starting point for the tools you will be needing as you begin your jewelry-making journey. Your local arts and crafts shops or home improvement stores are great resources for these tools.

Don’t forget to invest in protective gear

Accidents will happen no matter how much we try to avoid them. As they are a part of our lives, one thing you can do is to be prepared by having protective gear while you work. 

Here are your must-haves so remember to put these into your shopping checklist:

  • Heavy-duty work apron such as one made out of thick material such as leather.
  • Safety goggles because you will be working with a lot of wiring, hooks, and basically plenty of pointed objects.
  • An N95 mask to avoid inhaling hazardous materials.
  • Closed-toe shoes to protect your toes from items being dropped on them.
  • A hairnet or hair tie (if you have long hair) to keep them from getting caught in machines.

As your hobby or business grows, you can easily add more tools and materials to your workshop, but in the beginning, these listed items are enough. Good luck!


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