4 Questions to Ask When Picking Your Jewelry Business Name

This is the name you’ll be known for by the public, so pick wisely.

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There are many things you must consider once you finally decide that you want to start your jewelry business, one of which is deciding on a name. Think of your name as your calling card or the face you would present to the public, that’s why deciding on one is a very important milestone in the process. 

So before you head out to find a place for your store or buy jewelry display tools for your merchandise, sit down first and think about what you will be using as your jewelry business’ name.

A name is not just a name, especially in business.

It is your identity, the one the public associates you with. Once you build a strong enough business, you would become top-of-mind for your industry, so what you use as a name matters a lot. 

You need to think about how your choice of name reflects upon your brand and identity. Because once you’ve reached the top that’s all people would think of you as.

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Here are some questions you need to answer to help you come up with a name for your jewelry business:

1. How do you want to be perceived by the public?

As previously mentioned, your business name is your calling card to the public, therefore your business name should be something you would like to be known for. It helps to think of adjectives that you would like your brand to be perceived as ー classic, feminine, modern, elegant, etc. ー and let the words you pick out help shape your business’ identity.

2. Is it memorable?

Word-of-mouth marketing works and often the business names with recall are the ones getting spread around to the public. To begin with, a good business name should be easy to say, spell, and remember. While standing out is the goal, you wouldn’t want to stand out for the wrong thing, like having a hard-to-pronounce business name or something that doesn’t make sense.

3. Is it unique?

Aside from legal issues that may arise with a duplicate or even just a similar-sounding name, you have to make sure yours has not been used before for SEO purposes. Remember that you will have to compete for space online also and having the same name as an established business on the web can spell trouble for your visits and overall brand identity.

4. Are you pleased with the way it looks and the way it sounds?

When thinking of a business name, it also helps to imagine how it would look as a logo or part of an ad. Likewise, you need to also hear how the words you pick would sound to the ear. Is it funny? Does it command respect? Is it easy to pronounce? Factors like these are make-or-break when it comes to naming so take the time to figure things out.

Your business name is your identity and it should reflect the image you want to project to the public. As it is the first thing your customers will know about you before they even see your merchandise showcased on your jewelry display sets, taking the time to come up with the best one is important. It should be a name that you should be proud to carry so choose wisely.

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