5 Necklace Display Themes for the Summer

Scorching hot sales are on the horizon.

Pretty girl playing in the shallow waters at the beach.

It always pays to have a fresh stock of merchandise every season. It’s the way fashion and style cycles go; what’s popular at this time may not be so trendy the next, hence the need to always refresh. This also calls for new jewelry displays and setups to match your fresh jewelry stocks.

This article looks at some great necklace display ideas that you can try out that best go with the summer season.

Woman walking on the beach with her back turned to the camera.


Beach themes are of course the most popular retail display concepts during the summer, and why not when it’s the perfect time to go visit one? 

To use this as a display theme for your shop’s merchandise, first think of the things you will find on a beach: sand, the ocean, lawn chairs, colorful beach towels, and inflatable toys. You can then recreate a typical beach scene when you use some of these items as props for your setups. Whether you’re creating a large or small display, you can further improve your concept by adding elements from nature like pebbles, shells, and sand as props. As for your choice of necklace display stand for this particular theme, the #JDW216 Deluxe Velvet T-Bar Display in blue calls to mind the crystal clear blue waters of the ocean making it the perfect companion display stand to your setup.

Different fruits shot flat lay style.


Be inspired by the fruits in season and you are sure to come up with a display that’s colorful and, dare we say, visually juicy. Because you will surely be using bright colors such as orange, yellow, and red, for this concept, your setup is bound to pop.

Wooden jewelry displays are perfect for this setup as they would surely blend well with the nature-inspired display. “Fresh” would certainly be an understatement for this type of showcase.

Music festival crowd with three revelers in black tops and jeans in the foreground.

Music Festival

Though it would certainly still take a while for live music to return to its pre-pandemic conditions, it won’t hurt to bring back the feeling of music festivals to your jewelry shop. The props you can use here are tie-dyes, beads, floral accessories, and glow sticks. For your bead needs, you may visit our store’s beads section to see what we have to offer. Complete the look of your setup with fake grass which you can use on the ground or as a backdrop.

Empty highway in the desert.

Road Trip

While road trips may have taken a backseat through most of the pandemic, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use it as a theme for your summer-inspired retail setup. A favorite activity for many folks, it would certainly bring back fond memories to your shoppers. To execute this theme think of the things one often sees during a road trip: street signs, quirky Americana attractions, etc. We think the #WDN6371CF Freestanding Necklace Easel Display Stand would make for a great jewelry display piece as its rugged look certainly brings to mind the feel of the Old West and the great outdoors.

Carnival ride with passengers on a sunny day.

Carnival/Country Fair

Another much-missed American custom, many towns hold carnivals and fairs during the summer season. There’s plenty to do in these places like go on amusement park rides, play games, binge on fun festival food, or participate in the stage shows, which means you have plenty of ideas you can apply for your display. As for our recommended jewelry display devices for this theme, we think the #WDN66CF Necklace Easel Display Stand, as well as the #WD5062OK Wooden Rotating Two-Sided Jewelry Display Stand 32 Hooks would do just fine.

Summer’s definitely here and these concepts would certainly be the perfect showcases to inspire buyers to explore what your store has to offer. We hope we’re able to help you come up with ideas, and please look forward to more tips and advice from us here at Nile Corp.


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