The Different Types of Earrings and Earring Backs

...and the best earring display tools for them.

Curly haired brunette woman wearing hoop earrings.

Earrings are such great pieces of jewelry to own. The diversity of choices one can select from makes them such versatile components of a great outfit. Depending on the look and type, earrings are great for both day and night time, and for different occasions whether formal and casual. 

That’s why if you are in the business of selling jewelry, you must definitely stock up on earrings as they are hot commodities. Once you’ve had your supply of earrings to sell, the next step to take then is to purchase earring display devices to showcase your new merchandise in the best ways possible.

Here are the different types of earrings and earring backs and discover the best jewelry display tools to use for them.

Earring types and their backs which lock them in place come in different forms and designs:

Stud-type earrings with blue gemstones in front of a light blue background.

Stud Types

These are the most common types and are often the first design worn by young, first-time wearers. That’s because they are small, often featuring a gemstone fitting snugly on the ear. Stud types pair up with post backs which are tiny locks that you push or screw into place to secure the earring piece.

#238-1 Curved Earring Display Stand
#238-1 Curved Earring Display Stand*

Woman wearing large hoop earrings posing among plants..

Hoop Earrings

Another popular design with jewelry lovers, hoop earrings loop from the front to the back of the ear. It comes in different sizes and even shapes. Aside from the round ones, hoop earrings can also be in other shapes like squares, ovals, and triangles. They are locked into place by saddleback-type earring backs which are earring backs that have some sort of clip or hinge that folds and which snaps into place locking the jewelry piece to the ear. Because they come in different sizes, various jewelry stands can be used to showcase. For the especially large ones, T-bar-style jewelry displays may be used like the one below.

#NDF572 Paper Twine Wrapped Double T-Bar Bracelet Display
#NDF572 Paper Twine Wrapped Double T-Bar Bracelet Display*

A pair of gold dangling earrings with gemstone pieces.

Dangling Earrings

As the name implies, dangling earrings are the ones that dangle from your ears. They hang below the earlobe and will easily sway along with the wearer’s movements. They are further categorized into two other types: drop earrings and chandelier earrings. Drop earrings are a lot like stud earrings as they also feature a single centerpiece or stone but the difference is they hang down the wearer’s earlobes while being supported by a wire. Another kind is the chandelier earring which is a dangling earring that is more elaborately designed than drop earrings. Both use the shepherd hook-style backs which don’t come without any locking device as they can simply hang loosely from your ears once inserted.

#JWY609-3PK Clear Acrylic Display with Rose Gold Mirrored Storage Base
#JWY609-3PK Clear Acrylic Display with Rose Gold Mirrored Storage Base*

Blonde girl wearing make up and pink flower petals on her face.

Huggie Earrings

The simpler, less-dramatic version of hoop earrings, they are smaller and hang much closer to the earlobes. They are also a safer option as the larger hoop ones may get snagged on objects. 

#240-2 Medium Metal T-Shaped Earring Display Stand
#240-2 Medium Metal T-Shaped Earring Display Stand*

Pink-haired girl wearing ear climbers-style earrings.

Ear Climbers

A trendy, modern look amongst earring designs, this one unlike dangling-types are earrings that move towards the upward direction instead of down. They are certainly unique in appearance and are perfect accessories for equally dramatic ensembles. When displaying them on an earring rack, use an earring card so they can be hung on the bars.

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