Best Techniques for Storing Different Types of Jewelry

Protect your jewelry collection with these tips.

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Whether you’re here because you’re already up to your wit’s end trying to organize your big jewelry collection, or you’re just looking for tips so you can make dressing up each day a breeze, you have come to the right place!

Check out this helpful guide that we’ve put together to help you put order into your precious valuables. Whether you are a long-time collector or are just starting to build it, you’ll surely find the perfect advice to help solve your jewelry storage woes.

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For your everyday-wear jewelry:

These are the ones you use for a day out or for when you are dressing up for work or school. They’re the ones from your collection that should be within your reach, which means you may be using table-top jewelry display devices for them.

Follow our tips below if you haven’t yet:

1. A mixed-use jewelry display stand can make for a useful and lovely countertop device to use for your everyday pieces. Use the hooks for jewelry that can be hung like necklaces and bracelets. Meanwhile, the dish can be used to contain earrings and rings.

#COP3672 Metal Wire Swirl Jewelry Display and Organizer
#COP3672 Metal Wire Swirl Jewelry Display and Organizer*

2. To keep things in order, it is a good idea to keep the tinier pieces in your collection, like your earrings collection together. You can do this by using earring display cards for your cherished pairs.

3. You may also choose to use a clear lockable container with separators to keep your daily-wear jewelry easy for you to spot.

#TRJ2656 Acrylic Marketing Holder Locking Showcase Box Display Tray for Watches Jewelry Collector Knives with a Key
#TRJ2656 Acrylic Marketing Holder Locking Showcase Box Display Tray for Watches Jewelry Collector Knives with a Key*

4. Another great storage device you can use on your countertops is the dish tray. You can use it to contain pieces such as rings and earrings. Make sure to place them in an area where they will not fall off but also somewhere just within your reach, like your vanity mirror or side table.

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For your fine jewelry collection:

Now we move on to the more expensive items in your collection. These are the ones you use only for special occasions or they may even be family heirlooms, passed down from one generation to another.

Here are the ways you should be storing your fine jewelry pieces:

1. Containers with soft lining such as velvet or silk are your best bets. This prevents scratching which can be possible if you use those wooden or metal boxes as is. Make sure also that each piece does not rub against one another to avoid damaging their surfaces. 

2. Keep them out of reach of wandering eyes and sticky fingers by keeping them in a locked box. Make sure also to store them away from heat or humidity as that could also damage your jewelry pieces.

#BXJ85 High Gloss View Top Wooden Jewelry Chest
#BXJ85 High Gloss View Top Wooden Jewelry Chest*

3. For extra precaution, you may keep particular pieces inside a safe or get jewelry insurance. You may see different coverage details being offered but most would offer protection against theft, loss, or calamities.

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