4 Necklace Display Tricks To Best Attract Buyers

Here are the secrets to making your customers go “wow.”

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What is the best way to showcase your jewelry store’s necklaces? Now deciding which one is the “best” may be subjective but we do know there are plenty of ways to display them in such a form that they will capture the people that will visit your showroom. 

What we can say though is that necklaces are one of the best types of jewelry to display because of their versatility. Plus, there’s a wide variety of necklace display devices you can choose from to execute these looks ー you'll have lots of room to be creative as you can see later in this article.

1. Layering

With this technique, you can create a cascading effect by combining necklaces of different lengths. Start with the shortest necklace, then pile on with longer ones as many as the stand can accommodate. This is best done on a bust display that mimics the look of a human’s neck.

#189-2 Necklace Display Bust
#189-2 Necklace Display Bust*

2. Putting different metals together

“Opposites attract” as the saying goes and the same can be said when displaying necklaces for retail. Mixing and matching necklaces of different metals, weights, and colors can create interesting looks that are sure to capture your public’s eyes.

3. The power of “3”

The Rule of Three is a well-known design concept which states that items displayed in threes or odd-number pairings are more aesthetically pleasing than even-numbered groupings. The same rule also states that they can also be more memorable to the audience, so if you’re aiming to get buyers’ attention then this is a good design principle to follow.

#WDJ5033WH 3Pcs Wooden Freestanding Necklace Easel Display Stand Holder with Multiple Size
#WDJ5033WH 3Pcs Wooden Freestanding Necklace Easel Display Stand Holder with Multiple Size*

4. Go for unusual props and stands

Sometimes capturing an audience means letting the prop take centerstage. Unique jewelry display stands such as the gloved hand-shaped stand below will certainly attract attention and get potential customers to come closer and inspect the necklace on display. Its structure allows it to be a versatile prop as it can also be used to hold rings and bangles. 

Tree-type display stands in metal or wood are also good devices for you to try out and built concepts around ー just let your imagination flow.

#HD9497-BR Leopard Design Hand-Shaped Jewelry Display
#HD9497-BR Leopard Design Hand-Shaped Jewelry Display*

*Available on the Nile Corp website.


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