How To Package Jewelry for Shipping

This will ensure your customers get your jewelry merchandise in the best possible condition.

A person wrapping up packages for shipping.

When you operate an online business, it’s important to know the fundamentals of packaging and shipping your items to your customers. You would want to make sure your merchandise sustains no damage and reaches your customers safely.

While we do believe that having excellent salesmanship and possessing a keen eye for jewelry display techniques are important to keep a jewelry business booming, but so does taking the time to ensure product packaging and shipping runs as smooth as possible.

Select the right jewelry packaging

You have plenty to choose from in terms of jewelry packaging options, but first, you’ll have to take into consideration the type of jewelry to be packaged. The packaging should be appropriate to the item’s size, type, and shape.

#29-330 Black Paper Wrapped Pendant Box*

Look out also for packaging that has parts that hold the items in place (loops, slits, fasteners, snaps) so they can stay intact.

The item’s packaging weight should also be taken into consideration. Shipping costs get more expensive as the weight goes up so try to remember that as well. Lastly, take note of your shop’s branding and use your jewelry merchandise's packaging to reflect that. Use your shop's colors and brand name to help build brand recall. Don’t forget also to include contact details such as slipping a tag or business card so customers, old and new, can reach you and encourage repeat purchases.

If in doubt, bubble wrap it

Add another layer of protection like the aforementioned bubble wrap for items that are particularly delicate like beaded jewelry. Tote bags need to be lined with tissue paper (go for the fancy ones meant for gift wrapping for added flair) when you want to use them as packaging for earrings or individual stones. Zip locks are also great choices for keeping things sealed and secured. Other options you can use for added cushioning are foam peanuts and recycled paper.

Discretion is advised

For the outer package, it’ll be better to leave off any trace of it coming from a jewelry shop. This is for safety reasons as it is guaranteed to pass through several hands during the shipping process. It may also be left out on a porch on the day of delivery and you wouldn’t want it to be attractive for would-be thieves.

Go with a reputable courier service

Once you’ve sorted the packaging the next step to take is mailing the items to your customers. Your best bet is a reliable and well-known courier service to take care of the shipping. Avoid the horror stories of missing or damaged packages by choosing to go with one that’s known for delivering quality service. Rest yourself easy as they would often come with safety measures such as delivery confirmation via signature or photos as well as tracking systems so you can see where your packaging is at each step of the way.

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