6 Display Tips for Roadshow Jewelry Booths

Capture the public wherever you are.

A woman putting items on display at her outdoor selling booth.

Whether you’re showcasing at a trade fair or at an outdoors selling space, taking your jewelry merchandise on the road is a bit different than we you sell them at a store. The limited space and time constraints can pose a challenge for setting up a jewelry display, plus the smaller manpower can make things also difficult.

Well, worry no more! Here are a few tips to help jewelry entrepreneurs who are taking their merchandise on the road make a splash with their showcase.

1. Know the mechanics of the event inside and out.

Participation in conventions and bazaars normally requires an invite or an application from the jewelry merchant. This often comes with guidelines from the organizers that you must follow. Guidelines about the space provided, how many items you can bring including how many props or banners, etc. Knowing the basics will help you determine what items to showcase and the jewelry display devices you need.

Charms and miniature dream catchers on display at an outdoor selling booth.

2. Pick a theme or jewelry line to showcase.

Choosing which of your merchandise to bring is probably one of the most difficult parts of this process. One way to resolve this is by picking out a theme to help you narrow down your selection. For example, you may choose to highlight your “Summer Collection” (basically any seasonal offering you have at the moment) or whichever product line or set you would want to boost in promotions and sales. In other times the event’s theme would dictate what kind of products you can bring so in that case just ask the organizers. Having a set theme to follow means you can avoid overcrowding your table, which is what the next number is all about.

3. Maintain rhythm and flow to your display.

Again, overcrowding your table with merchandise, tools, and props is a big no-no. Make sure there’s enough space between each element as it can easily look like an eyesore if there are too many items on display.

You can put a centerpiece using a jewelry display set that combines different jewelry pieces and devices to form a cohesive theme. You may also group the same jewelry types together, but remember not to overcrowd and remember to have space for mirrors and lights to help the people trying out your items.

4. Check to see if your jewelry display tools are in perfect condition.

Once you’ve settled on the merchandise to bring, think of the tools you’ll be bringing to showcase them. It’s best to pick the ones that are collapsible or aren’t so fragile that you’ll have trouble transporting them to the event. Think back also to your chosen theme or collection and see which of your tools will fit. You can always buy new jewelry display devices to fulfill your and the event’s requirements.

A man browsing products at a fair.

5. Remember to use your shop’s branding on your displays and packages.

Branding helps people remember who you are and what you offer so proudly showcase your name, logo, and colors together with your merchandise. Have it displayed on your table and banner (if you have or are allowed one), and make sure also that your shopping bags and pouches bear them as well. It’s also wise to have business cards to hand out which should include not just the aforementioned branding elements but also an address to your physical store, your online presence (website, social media accounts), and other contact details.

6. Don’t forget the price tags and labels.

This is something you must never forget after your jewelry items and their display tools. Make sure there are clear labels indicating their prices using signages and tags. This lessens instances where people will ask how much your items are; instead, you can talk more about your items’ features or share tips on how to wear them, etc. This creates a more engaging merchant-to-customer exchange which can lead to more successful sales and conversions for your shop.


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