5 Jewelry Display Tips to Capture the Public

Dazzle buyers with these ideas.

Gold necklace shot flatlay-style on a pastel pink surface.

There’s no question about it ー jewelry are beautiful pieces of art. They add life and sparkle to any outfit and are considered treasured possessions by their owners. They are lovely on their own but you can elevate them even further with the right jewelry display setup. Master this skill and you’ll find yourself with a captive buying public, so let us teach you some cool tips and tricks in this article.

Choose colors that match

This seems like a no-brainer but some folks do have a habit of putting things together without looking at these details. For your jewelry merchandise to not just stand out but stand out beautifully, pick colors that will complement them. Neutral colors are safe bets as they are meant to be mixed and matched with various colors and patterns, but bold solid colors can work well. If you’re not sure which colors go well with each other then have a look at this article and use it as your guide.

Shine the spotlight on your merchandise the right way

Lighting up jewelry can further enhance their beauty but only if you are doing it correctly. You need to make sure the light that bounces off the jewelry’s surface is at the right temperature. White LED light in a cool tone is a safe bet for most jewelry finishes but most especially to those in silver as they can boost a jewelry piece’s shine. Warm yellow tones, meanwhile, are best suited for gold items.

Add height to your displays 

As a seller, you would want your merchandise to stand out and pop. Likewise, keeping them within buyers’ eyesight makes for a more enticing setup.  One of the best ways to do this is through the use of height. You can add height with the use of risers. Cone-type risers and platforms are great for rings, while necklace display tools in bust and easel forms are your best bets.

Match your jewelry merchandise according to the jewelry display device’s material

Just as there are different types of jewelry, there are also many types of jewelry display tools to choose from and each is designed to provide the right support to a particular type of jewelry piece. For example, cushioned and fabric-covered displayers are meant for delicate pieces as they can provide the right aesthetics as well as protection to this type. Chunkier pieces, on the other hand, match well with equally chunky displayers like the wooden T-bar and layered jewelry display stands.

Pearl jewelry shot against a pastel pink backdrop.

Remember to match your display setups to your store’s interiors

Everything in your store should match up and make sense when displayed altogether. You can’t go for a floral, girly motif when your jewelry store’s aesthetics are industrial minimalist. The effect becomes jarring and may look unappealing to buyers. Just as you would choose colors and materials that complement your jewelry merchandise, your overall retail display setups should likewise complement the whole feel and vibe of your shop. 


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