Our Picks for the Best Jewelry Packaging Ideas

It’s important that your product packaging reflect a good image for your brand.

Girl wearing sunglasses and carrying several shopping bags.

Part of the jewelry business is to make sure you’re not just offering top-notch jewelry pieces but also providing these pieces with equally gorgeous packaging. It adds to the overall charm of the item, plus as treasured items how they are presented must be just as special.

Having attractive jewelry display setups is a must for every jewelry business's success, and so does having great packaging for the products, so here are a few of our ideas. 

See-through drawstring pouch with beads inside.

Drawstring Pouches

Individual stones and beads are tricky to pack. What you can do is use drawstring pouches or bags when packing to gather them all together. You can add in a piece of cloth or colored tissue paper for an added layer to the packaging. A bag is a good choice also for jewelry pieces like earrings or rings.

Blue jewelry gift box with a silver bracelet.

Gift Boxes

Boxes are a sure thing when thinking of jewelry packaging for your merchandise. This one in the photo is specifically made for bracelets but there are also boxes, in different sizes and colors, that are made especially for earrings, rings, and even combination sets that contain different kinds of jewelry. Make it extra special for special occasions by adding in ribbons, paper twine, cords, and other gift wrapping accessories.

Champagne-colored jewelry leatherette holder.

Leatherette Holders

For an extra elegant touch, necklace leatherette holders are your best picks. Its satin covering gives it a smooth and classy vibe, while its front snap closure firmly secures the holder so that nothing pops out.

Pink paper shopping bag.

Gift Tote Bags

Once you’ve picked the right jewelry packaging for a particular jewelry purchase, you can go with a gift bag to wrap everything up. Give it a personalized touch by showing your store’s name and logo on the bag.

Here at Nile Corp, we don’t only sell jewelry display devices but also these jewelry packaging materials to entrepreneurs, both big and small. Have a look and see what we have to offer when you visit our store today! 


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