How To Take Care of Your Engagement Ring

...or your promise or wedding ring.

A couple kissing with the woman showing of the ring on her hand.

Nothing compares to the feeling of receiving jewelry from a loved one, but amongst the different kinds of jewelry, rings hold a special place in romance. Traditionally, rings have come to symbolize infinite love and so it has become a practice to give a romantic partner a ring during relationship milestones. From wedding proposals to anniversaries, rings take centerstage which makes them a popular purchase in jewelry stores. They’re often prominently displayed in jewelry display stands in brick and mortar and online jewelry shops alike.

While we often discuss retail display techniques here, we’re shedding light this time on the proper care meant for rings. Here are tips you must follow to keep your precious ring beautiful for a long time.

Make sure to keep it clean and scratch-free

It’s natural that you would want to wear your rings the whole time. Unfortunately, that makes it prone to gathering imperfections stemming from constant use. It may accidentally get rubbed on surfaces or have it lose its shimmer from constant exposure to elements or even your very own skin’s oil. The good news is you only need to make it a habit to clean your rings. All it takes is a bowl of (mild) soapy water and a toothbrush. Simply soak your ring in soapy water then gently brush it to remove stubborn dirt. Do this to your ring and to the rest of your commonly-used jewelry items once a week to keep them all in pristine shape.

Avail of the services of a professional cleaner

You may also choose to have your ring be cleaned by a professional. This is especially helpful if your efforts for cleaning failed to remove scratches and spots. You can take it back to where the ring was purchased as it may come with a warranty or after-service assistance free of charge.

Keep your hands off your ring

It’s normal to admire your ring especially if it’s new. It’s also quite normal to show off your ring to friends. However, you may want to keep your hands to yourselves and avoid touching the ring especially the centerpiece to prevent it from getting dirty. Dirt and body oil can easily get transferred through touch, so it’s best to control your and your friends’ urge to touch it. 

Close up of a bride's hand with her wedding ring and bouquet in focus.

Don’t wear them all the time

There are certain activities where you will be better off not wearing your ring. Doing sports or household chores make it so easy for you to absentmindedly ignore if the ring has already slipped your fingers. Likewise, you are also exposing your ring to elements when you wear them out often. In such instances, it’s best to leave your ring at home in its proper storage or jewelry display container. 

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